Hasbro continue the 6in power ranger legacy line to completion and beyond.

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  The Power Ranger fans would like to see the Legacy Figure line continue to completion and beyond (even if the name changes to "legends" like marvel Legends) and be able to collect both male and female rangers along with villains and other figures such as Astronema, Divatox, Trakeena, Ecliptor, a legacy Rita from MMPR, the putties, cogs, and many more. Fans would also like to see legacy morphers, weapons, and zords be continued as well.  

  One issue that has plagued the previous/current license holder till you assume the license, is the under selling of girl figures. This can be remedied by different means which will save you money and the customers heart aches. One path is exclusive figures to Gamestop like the Zeo girl figures. However, a better option is to allow direct purchase from Hasbro.com Like you do with other figures. In addition, with the figures you send to box stores like Walmart and Target mark the girl figures to be sold in the girls toys area as well. 

 The second issue is marketing/communication. One area is again the girls they need advertising directed to them as well like it was in the 1990s. The other area of concern is communication with the fan base. Release dates are important and not just saying spring release or fall release actual dates would be nice. Finally on communication if you advertise the next set of figures showing their proto types then you could listen to fan comments to know if something is wrong. for example of wrong gold Zeo who is not painted gold, or the silver belts on mmpr when they was supposed to be white.

I believe if you follow this petition then you stand to make lots of money over the course of your holding the licence and you will have a solid fan base who will be happy with your products.