Let Hasbro know that you support the release of their 6" Stan Lee action figure.

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UPDATE: a similar petition also exists. https://www.change.org/p/hasbro-petition-for-hasbro-toys-to-release-stan-lee-marvel-legends-series-figure?fbclid=IwAR2Sm8ygguznhsRuWiqvUWMo-wmUkcsHeojX6vNmpyv8A03PgmBtcVZU7I0

In 2018 images of an accurate and detailed action figure of comic book creator Stan Lee were released. The figure is 6" scale and was intended to be a build-a-figure for the Marvel Legends toy line which is produced by Hasbro.

Unfortunately, the figure was eventually cancelled. Please sign this petition to let Hasbro know that you support this figure and want them to release it, whether it be on its own or spread across a wave of other figures as the "build-a-figure."

Stan Lee was a titan within the comic book industry and popular entertainment. For action figure collectors there's no better way to honor his memory. 

Rest in peace Stan. We love you and miss you. Thank you for giving us the Marvel Universe.

(Please note: the intention of this petition is not to immediately have Hasbro release the figure but to simply galvanize the fan base and show our support for an eventual release when Hasbro and the Lee estate feel it is appropriate.)

Photo from @marvellegendsuk_ on Instagram