hasan & partners delete videos, return prizes for ill-conceived & badly executed campaign

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hasan & partners concept created for Plan International Finland is now officially a failed campaign, and therefore, does not deserve any prizes. A campaign exhibiting  white saviour, racism, sexism and child abuse cannot win any prize. On top of that hasan & partners have kept some of the offensive vedeos on their twitter posted 23, 24, 25 August 2017 that won prizes in 2018. Delete the offensive videos! Give back the prizes for the ill-conceived and badly executed failed concept and campaign including - The creative Distinction Award by Art Directors Club of Europe, and Vuoden Huiput.

How does having a big white man chasing after a 12-year-old pregnant girl-child playing alone, from the back, with huge camera lenses penetrating her fragile body raise awareness about child pregnancy?  Why is a black African 12-year-old girl-child with full term pregnancy and about to give birth made to jump up and down and abused by the two white Finnish women? Where does the white woman photographer speaking on behalf of black African girls get the legitimacy and moral authority to talk about African issues?

Prizes must be given back, and hasan and parners conceived the concept of the 12-year-old maternity wear for Plan International Finland. After an effective campaign against the campaign by SahWira Africa International, their client Plan International Finland has accepted that some aspects of the campaign were offensive and not well thought out, "We acknowledge the concerns raised on the design and execution of the campaign and are sorry that some aspects of the campaign have caused offence."

Plan International Finland also apologised for the white saviour cojplex exhibited in the videos that they have now deleted, "We also admit that the campaign’s making-of videos unintentionally emphasized the white saviour setting and didn’t provide Fridah with the active role she had in the literary campaign material. We decided to remove the videos from circulation on the basis of feedback received" and also, admitted that they used colonialist Western imagery  (Reply to SahWira petition dated 22 May 2018). Plan did not do this, they were clients to hasan and partners, therefore, they are accountable for creating offensive stereotypical representations of black people and Africa.  

The 12-year-orl. maternity wear does not deserve prizes as portrayed by Plan International Finland, "Also, in acknowledgement of the concerns, we will not accept any more awards for the campaign." If, they cannot accept prizes, those who have prizes should not keep them. Thus, hasan & partners should do the honourable action of giving back the prizes. Hence, SahWira Africa asks Art Directors Club of Europe @ADC_Europe and  Grafia ry @Grafiafi to rescind the prizes for the now officially failed racist, child abusive, sexist, campaign with images conceived through the eyes of the white gaze, and thus, exhibit the white saviour complex.






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