Postpone BDS exams in Haryana

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As per the latest update from Pandit Bhagwat Dayal Sharma University of Health sciences and Research,Haryana the BDS exams are set to be conducted  from 11 August 2020. 

The coronavirus pandemic has upended our world. But to conduct the examination in this situation is not safe for the students. Even though proper precautionary measures of social distancing shall be followed at the examination centre but the risk of our safety is still there, as per previous coronavirus outbreaks have happened due to indoor gatherings and recent update by the WHO that the coronavirus is airborne puts us at more risk. As the months pass, the problems on our hands continue to increase with regard to this world pandemic.

University is ignoring the fact that several colleges are located in the red zone area and some of the colleges were turned into quarantine centres to accomodate ever increasing number of patients.The issues of being in a lockdown continue to persist, with many students residing in abusive households which are never going to be conducive to effective learning, households with essential workers on the frontline which increase the load on the student to take care of their living space over and above academic requirements.

Most of the students come from different parts of the country and besides all our efforts the chances of getting infected while traveling to reach the examination centres via metro/public transport/trains/flights are very high. Students were asked to leave the hostels on a 1-hour notice and many students left their books and study material . As you know the students require hours of preparation, struggling with the PDFs and PowerPoint presentations have led us to increase our screen time and this sudden shift from books to e-learning has affected our performance.

The whole world is trying to tackle the pandemic which has caused a great destruction to the humans in terms of mental health, fear etc. amidst this the conduction of examination in physical or online mode is not possible for the students because of the risk of safety in physical mode and lack of internet facility/network issues in online mode.This situation we are thrust into is extremely unpredictable and hence no one currently is in any position to appear for examinations.

Moreover day after day, various state examinations are being cancelled for all other courses so what makes us so special? We are neither medical miracles nor super-students for whom the pandemic won't matter.

The university will (ofcourse) take no liabilities for our personal health.We are hoping to graduate but not at the cost of our lives.

Thus, for the greater good of society ,to value the lives of students and the involved staff and to stop the community spread of covid-19 we need to raise our voice against these exams.

The exams must be postponed