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Harvard Medical School is closing their Primate Center, the New England Regional Primate Research Center (NERPRC), and plans to relocate the primates to other research facilities. These animals have suffered enough at human hands, and deserve the opportunity to live in a place where their needs will be the first and only priority. Please contact the President of Harvard University and the Dean of Harvard's Medical School to request that as the New England Primate Center closes, all of the primates be placed at nonprofit, federally authorized sanctuaries and refuges.

Letter to
Office of the President, Harvard University Drew Faust
Harvard Medical School Dean's Office, Gordon Hall Jeffrey Scott Flier, MD,
As as the New England Regional Primate Research Center closes, we urge that all of the primates remaining at NERPRC not be sent to other research facilities, but rather be relocated to nonprofit animal sanctuaries or refuges, where their rehabilitation and care will be the first and only priority. It is appropriate that Harvard provide funding to these nonprofit facilities for the enclosures, food, and medical care for the monkeys for the remainder of their lives.

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