Harvard College- Reduce the $53,967 Tuition for Online School

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We demand Harvard University to decrease tuition for the fall semester, especially if all learning will be online for sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

On July 6th 2020, Harvard announced that it would only be bringing first-years and those who successfully petitioned back to campus for the upcoming semester, due to COVID-19. While it is understandable that dramatic precautions were taken, it is beyond unreasonable to require undergraduates to pay $53,967 for online classes. In contrast, the Harvard Extension School, which Harvard proudly boasts as a tremendous alternative for non-traditional students, prices their courses at roughly $2,000 per course, roughly adding up to $8,000 for a semester. This is unacceptable. While being on campus and taking in-person classes usually accounts for the stark difference between these two numbers, roughly ¾ of the student population will not be on campus and all classes will be held over Zoom, making the Harvard Extension School classes equivalent to the Harvard College classes.

Even accounting for inflation, the tuition went up 3% (as opposed to the roughly 4% not including tuition). This is robbery. The administration argues that teachers will be much more prepared to teach online courses for this upcoming semester, but accounting for time-zone differences, lack of lab access, most likely a lower number of courses, and many other anticipated challenges, the value of the fall 2020 semester at Harvard will be substantially lowered, and tuition must follow.