SEGA: The E3 is coming ; listen to your fans; make a '' SEGA's new console ''

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We are the group United Fans of SEGA

SEGA you have fans, few companies have this, but understand your fans are getting older and others are dying, the most recently born does not know the Sega that we knew, for them Sega never made a console, there is a space for Sega in the home consoles market

No need to compete directly with playstation and xbox, we do not want that, a third console doing the same thing attending the same public... is not good; there is a growing wave of alternative players, retrogamers, indie gamers and other gamers who get tired of this wave of repeated games, with mechanics that do not evolve and  dated formulas. Give us a console that has Sega's signature

it´s imperative: (we want this)

Processing power capable of running Yakuza and Alien series, online capabilities and many indies games, many 2d games continuing the evolution started in Sega Saturn era, do not need expensive hardware to be able to run these games in high definition, demanding games just use minor resolutions and some temporal techniques.

6 front buttons controller , this is SEGA ! a controller with the same format as the initial controller of Saturn just modernizing it with 2 analog ... 4 buttons and 4 triggers we do not need that, this is not Sega.

Local split screen for 4 players, support for up to 8 players by using 2 tvs and ability to play 8 local players versus 8 local players online multiplayer , many coop games

The return of Alex Kidd as AAA franchise in a 3d platform game inspired by Miracle and Shinobi World using the sames soundtracks no kicks for Alex character, only punches please.

Start with Alex Kidd while preparing the Sonic game that the community has always wanted, a Sonic in 3d using the old design, black eye, short stature, belly and fine-toed shoe, no green eyes Sonic no high and thin Sonic, as gameplay: only Sonic vs Eggman, Eggman escapes and prepares traps, that way until they confront in the end, no gameplay with the Sonic´s friends, only fast stages. 

New Street of Rage 2D high definition and AAA status, this franchise can not be confused with indies, need to do with quality, 2d games can still be exploited only need to have a longer duration, many extras to increase the replay factor.
A remake of Panzer Dragoon Saga one of the best games ever made, just needs an update on the graphics (fans want it) new Deep Fear, new shinobi legions and others Saturn franchise, so much treasures.

It is necessary console to follow the Dreamcast´s philosophy; arcade games style  but also with long lasting and creative games: 20% RPG 20% arcade 20% action and adventure standard consoles 20% shooters 20% updated games of styles that we no longer see as vertical shooting. a new 2D NFL Genesis like but made on modern 21st century 2d technology (we want it)

We want Sega's marketing back; that "SEGA!" and "Welcome to the next level" with internet marketing can be done with lower costs, sites like eurogamer, ign and other media gamers indirectly promote a product, by testing it just do it well done and the result is right ... youtubers with retrogamer focus and Sega fans worldwide ... marketing is virtually free. SEGA now is the time as explained above.

Lastly, there are many other things we want but they naturally will come  if each item is answered by you from Sega.

You fan who agrees, sign this petition and let's make history, the goal is 1 million signatures  before e3 2019