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Stop selling deadly products

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HARTZ is a pet supply company that produces supplies harmful and sometimes even deadly to pets. Exhibit A:
"My cat recently had a litter of kittens. Unfortunately she came down with mastitis. the nippe breast it was on basically exploded. I thought it would be fine and covered that one, and let the kittens nurse on the others. unfortunately by day 2 three more breasts had it and her Milk was septic. this lead to the kittens getting (As strange as this sounds) Abcess feet.

Now obviously because of this the mother no longer could be let to nurse them, we went to bottle feeding. I pierced and drained the infection out of their feet, salt soaked them, and peroxided them every 2 hours, and was bottle feeding them. Now this being a small town without any kind of pet stores, we’d gone to the only grocery store, Albertsons, to get formula. Albertsons carries only one kind, the Hartz liquid KMR cans. so we’d gotten that. Immediately the kittens did not like it. they refused to drink it. We assumed this was because the giant nipple on the kitten bottle (The cat has small nipples so it wasnt anything like they were used to) and presuming this forced the sick kittens to eat, worried theyd starve, they ate a little at a time, but very little.

Within that night the first kitten (Weakest and smallest) had died. at the time I had presumed it because of the afflicted feet.

However into the next day, the other three kittens Id observed, their feet were getting progressively better, quickly.. but they were still getting weaker and weaker. we thought the next smallest would die, she had grown very weak and began seizuring.. Bryon, my roomate, googled it breifly, because we didnt understand how, if the abcess was healing, it would be killing them.. Bryon found this site. Immediately I took the bus to petsmart in the next town and got GNC KMR powder. It was not the foot, but the formula, I fully believe, that was responsible for killing the first kitten, and nearly the others.

The three kittens, including the smallest which we thought would die, Are now doing very well. She is no longer having seizures, their feet have healed, they are strong and healthy. Do not ever buy Hartz." --Batgirl,
Exhibit B:
"I’m new here and just wanted to say I am so sorry for all of your pets troubles and losses. I am lucky that my issue did not harm my little ones. I just went to the store and bought Hartz Bonanza Hamster and Gerbil Diet- 4lb bag. I took it home, went to open it,and even had to use a knife because it was sealed very well. I got it open and poured it into my clean gerbil food container when I saw the food moving! Ants! I looked in the bag at the last handful and it also had ants! I screamed and my dad came in and rushed me to throw it out and spray raid into the trash bag! There were no ants on the outside of the bag or in the store so I know it came from this company!" --Jean,
Exhibit C:
"No human being and no innocent animal should have to go through this horror. I am so thankful I found this site! (It was actually the first thing that popped up in a Google search for Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick). It encouraged us to act and to act fast – hopefully saving my dog’s life. I am donating what I can in gratitude/hope. THIS COMPANY SHOULD BE BANNED FROM SELLING PET PRODUCTS. FDA are you listening?!?!?

I applied a 6ml packet of Sergeant’s Gold to my 1 year old Siberian Husky. I did not use the entire tube as it seemed like there was way too much, more than when I use Frontline or Advantix. I also made a point not to get ANY on myself as I remember having a weird ‘oral’ reaction to it the one other time I applied it. I washed my hands, I put blankets on all the furniture and warned my husband “Do not touch the dog!”. Approximately 30 minutes later I got a glass of water for myself – it tasted extremely metallic. I got a different glass and filled it with Coca-Cola.. same thing. I thought “Here I go again, this can’t be healthy”. About this time my husband yells “ASPEN IS HAVING A SEIZURE!”. I ran in and saw my dog staring blankly at the wall and trembling severely, legs splayed. “Call poison control, call the vet, call the ER vet, Google this flea & tick stuff now!”. I began calling the vet and he read to me what he was finding online. Our hearts sank! The ER vet agreed that we should bathe her and asked me the brand name. I said “Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick” and she responded “Yes. Give her a bath then bring her in immediately. THAT STUFF CAUSES A LOT OF PROBLEMS”. We lifted my struggling dog into the bath- she had no control of her legs and was shaking uncontrollably.

She is now staying overnight per the recommendation of Poison Control. She was given another bath, muscle relaxers, and is on IV fluids. If she is not better tomorrow she will stay and be seen by a neurologist next week. The cost is estimated to be $775 – $2,600. I’m just hoping she lives.

My dog was the picture of health. A beautiful, fit, and fun-loving creature. We spent the week enjoying her first snow in a national park. We spent this afternoon at a dog park. Tonight I feel like the worst ‘mom’ on Earth. But mainly I am livid with the lack of attention our government gives this. I only thought I was keeping her free of fleas and ticks." --queenb,

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