Don't cancel our school's language classes!

I have known Sofia since she was born, and known her father since before her birth. She has been raised to think for herself and have good values and ethics. As a student at this Waldorf school, her parents felt it was important she have this type of holistic, personalized education not available in the public schools.

Sofia's creation of this petition shows her parenting and education at work. She feels passionately about studying French, and wants to speak up about this and get enough signatures from people who agree that the school has gone back on their word by abruptly pulling the rug out from under her and her fellow French students. She and her parents were told that French would be taught all the way through to her graduation.

I feel it is very important to support Sofia's passionate plea, and to support a young woman who sees this as simply a promise broken. In this world full of corruption and violations of our basic rights, we must encourage a young person to SPEAK UP for what she believes in.

Please join me in signing this petition, and showing Sofia and her fellow students and their parents, that Hartsbrook should do the right thing and provide students with the studies that they promised they would. Let's show Sofia that her voice matters and that she can have an impact on matters that affect her directly. Let's encourage a setting of the pace for the way situations like this are handled at Hartsbrook.

The result of this petition, and to see if Hartsbrook takes Sofia's plea to heart, I believe will play a pivotal role in how she views her place in the world, and whether the school plays a role in raising a student to be an effective global citizen, one who knows that her voice truly does matter.

Deborah Chandler, South Hadley, MA, United States
5 years ago
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