Paint "Black Lives Matter" on Main Street in Downtown Hartford

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In solidarity with the people of Hartford, the Black Lives Matter movement, and cities across the country (including NYC and Washington DC) we propose that the City of Hartford similarly paint BLACK LIVES MATTER on Main Street, from the former G. Fox building to the Old State House. This spans a section that is heavily traversed by members of all of Hartford's communities. 

Further examples of locations acceptable for painting would be Capitol Ave from The Bushnell to the State Capitol building, Asylum from Trumbull to Ann Uccello Street, and possibly Farmington Ave in the West End, or Prospect leading to the Governor's Mansion, reflecting the work of the District of Columbia. Black Lives Matter can't be said by enough voices, and it can't be painted on enough streets.

Community fundraising is possible if the City is unwilling or unable to afford the costs incurred. Hartford is home to a vibrant arts community. From UofH to the Artspace building to Heartbeat Ensemble, Hartford has been an incubator of great artists for decades, and these voices could and should be heard in the design of this community art project. Closing a section of the street for painting can be done at night, and even if done during daylight hours, would have less negative impact on traffic during these socially distanced times. If there is a time to do it, that time is now.

I would like to point out that this is, at the time of creating this petition, already a very popular proposition, and is not mine originally. This is a community swell of voices, and I can only lend mine in support.