Grow Hartford Youth Program's 10 Slices Campaign

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The Grow Hartford Youth Program is demanding better quality and more appropriate food to be served to students in the Hartford Public School system through our 10 Slices Campaign. Because we spend most of our time in school the quality of school food drastically affects our ability to make the most out of our education. We are demanding that the voices of students be heard and valued by the Hartford School Board. We ask that you sign this petition in support of our 4th slice: BETTER LUNCHTIME. We feel that no student should be forced to eat lunch before 11 AM. Any lunchtime before 11 AM does not set us up to stay full, nourished, and able to focus throughout the day. 

Learn more about our 10 Slice Campaign below and contact us through email or social media to find out more ways to support!   


Grow Hartford Youth Program 10 Slices Campaign 

BIGGER PORTIONS: Hartford Public School students need bigger portion sizes for our lunch. The current lunches don't satisfy the hunger of students.
BETTER QUALITY FOOD: We want our food to look, smell, and taste good! We want to be excited about the food we are putting into our bodies.
LOCAL FOOD: We want as much of our food as possible to come from local farms. We want to know where our food is coming from so that we can feel confident when we eat it.
BETTER LUNCH TIME: We demand that no student is required to eat lunch before 11 AM.
KNOWLEDGE BEHIND FOOD: We want to know how our food is prepared. Knowing how the food is prepared will give us reassurance to know what we are eating.
COOKING NOT HEATING UP: We want scratch cook kitchens in all schools. Frozen foods are processed and contain unnecessary high levels of salt and sugar. 
MORE OPTION: We want a greater variety of options in our daily lunch menu. We want more vegetarian , vegan, gluten free, more fruit, hot food options and a deli section.
HOT BREAKFAST: We want more variety, with more hot breakfast choices. A hot breakfast is more filling and encourages a more productive day for students.
CULTURALLY APPROPRIATE: We want more cultural dishes being served. School food should reflect the diversity in each school.
YOUTH VOICE: If there are to be changes in our schools in regards to food, these changes should require approval from a panel of youth. We want to be seen as true partners.