Save Ancells Farm School Transport

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Following the original meeting and outcome on 9th May a 2nd appeal to the decision to cut the school bus is to be held on Friday 25th May. This is our final chance to convince the County Council that Ancells Farm children should continue to be entitled to school transport. 

Please help us persuade Hampshire County Council to overturn a rushed and deeply flawed decision to axe the Ancells Farm school bus for children aged under five and over eight.

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 ·       Loss of this essential service means a significant increase in the volume of traffic on the roads from Ancells Farm and the main route into Fleet town centre.  This would of course mean an increase in pollution as a direct result.

 ·       To prevent even more severe congestion on Velmead Road and adjacent roads caused by the greatly increased number of parents trying to park to drop off their children.  This is a safety hazard with the sheer volume of cars and children making their way to and from school.  Residents would be severely disadvantaged by the increased influx of vehicles.

The walking route from Ancells Farm to Velmead is not safe for young children and involves crossing extremely busy roads and junctions. There are no adequate pedestrian crossings. It also means breathing in rush hour pollution! Those parents without cars would need to undertake over three hours of walking each day!

 ·       In the mid 1980s when Ancells Farm was originally built, the plans included a school for both infants and juniors.  However, in 1989 the County Education Committee decided not to build a school but instead agreed to provide coaches to Fleet Infant and Velmead Junior Schools, in recognition that many people had bought homes on the understanding that there would be a school on their doorstep.

 We have to consider the safety and wellbeing of our children on their journey to and from their place of education.  To withdraw a bus service that has been well established, needed and appreciated for many years, is an enormous step backwards, and will certainly have a detrimental effect on the school children and the local community.

 The proposal to withdraw the service is reneging the original agreement with the residents of Ancells Farm.  If this service were cut now, it would never be introduced again.  Act now!

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