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To reduce Emission Catalytic convertor should be made mandatory in vehicles

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Dear Fellow Citizens,

We all are aware of the fact that the kind of environment we are living in, every moment, every breath, we inhale makes us sick. As a citizen of any sovereign democratic nation, it is my right to ask for clean air and it is the responsibility of the government to provide us cleaner environment. It is their fundamental duty to create and enforce policies, build infrastructure to ensure that everyone should get access to clean air. It will not only increase our productivity as nation, but also help us reduce our budget on health care services.

Every year during the last quarter of any calendar year entire north India suffers badly from the problem of pollution. Interestingly most of us know the cause of the problem and its solution too, but somehow we are not ready to take any steps towards resolution. 

Till 1990's Mexico used to be the most polluted place on this earth, today it is one of the cleanest. If Mexico can do it why can't we ?

Having gone through various articles for reference one article is given below

One of the easiest way is to reduce emission from vehicles we use and it can be achieved easily by installing a device called "Catalytic converter". It is mandatory for all car manufaturers to install this device in cars they sell in Mexico. In fact all the cars India exports to Mexico has this part installed in it.

One can learn more about catalytic converter from the link given below

Delhi took similar steps during the times of Shila Dikshit govt, when it was made mandatory to convert all commercial diesel vehicles to CNG vehicles and we all are aware of the benefits we achieved because of that. 

So, its my request to you all to support this petition so that we can force govt of the day to take necessary steps in this direction 


Diljit Singh

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