Stop Oppo, Vivo from Making the Indians a fool

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Oppo, Vivo Is Making the Indians Fool, By selling their Smartphones in higher Price then they expect.It' Making Us Fool By attracting through Big Numbers.

  1. By Only focusing on Selfie Camera.
  2. Showing bigger Ram But Not Telling that it's a low speed RAM.
  3. By too much Advertising their products.
  4. Telling that there processors are octacore, 2ghz but not Telling about the Processor technology, quality and efficiency. (Which is Bad)

Indians are paying so much for Oppo,Vivo Products we while the products are not eligible for their selling prices.

For Example: A Vivo phone comes with a low quality processor, slow RAM (DDR3) and other low quality specs is soled at a higher Price Like (Rs. 20K, 19K) While the device do not expect it.Because Some other Brands are Providing better specs than vivo products at a lower Price(Rs.12K,15K)

You Can Watch These Videos, To get assured that Oppo, Vivo are really looting:    

  1.  By Technical Guruji (2M Subs).
  2.   By Geeky Ranjit (Very Big Youtuber).
  3. By A 'Roaster' ,explaing not to buy. it
  4. By Phone Radar, Geeky Ranjit And Technical Guruji.
  5. One more Tech Channel.

I Just Want to Stop These Brands From Doing This.Vivo, Oppo should be Banned from our country or get punished.

There are other better options which are Providing Better Specifications and are Value for money like: Xiaomi (Mi) Devices, Moto G devices, Honour devices, Lenovo devices, The Sachin Tendulkar Phone, etc.

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#I hate oppo,Vivo