Buckette List:Implement Dog Breeding&Pet Shop Rules nationwide via SAWB.Ban shop pet sales

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Why are Animal Cruelty Laws not driven nationally & being passed in individual city councils and states ?

Each drop in the bucket counts. Our animal laws are good, whether on import of pedigrees, animal experimentation , at we should be proud that India has taken a strong & compassionate lead. However , the tragic situation of illegal dog breeding & marketing as well as pet shop exploitation has been mushrooming at an unfortunate pace. The reason it is unfortunate is that excellent laws have been enacted within the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals act but yet not been individually passed through the respective state and city councils, let alone implemented and adhered to. So we remain in limbo and the status quo promotes cruelty to animals, loses the city license fee & revenue as well as affects humans . Normally we bemoan a lack of laws , but here the laws have been painstakingly put in place , but resolution to pass and implement across states and districts/cities has not moved, except in 2-3 progressive states. These laws SHOULD be taken up on a war footing and implemented nationally by the MoEFCC & AWBI across all states and city/districts. It seems inefficient & pointless that good laws have to depend on individual activists or city/state for implementation.

The effort taken to create the right frame work for Dog breeding and marketing rules 2017 ,in the country has been extremely uphill. When this has been so painstakingly done by the following rules which of been duly gazetted , it is incumbent on us as citizens to ensure that our respective council‘s and district administration‘s create the necessary implementation framework to ensure that the animals are protected, as per the government regulations. While most  animal lovers and public minded citizens  promote concept of adopt don’t shop, the fact remains that the dog breeding industry is existent, thriving and - unregulated . It doesn’t affect just the animals however . It is important that there is no exploitation, abuse and cruelty associated with this, as  that will affect not only the animals, potential pet parents, the medical industry, and the state exchequer.Therefore the conditions for dog breeding and marketing have to be adhered to and appropriate breeders licenses are required in order to breed and sell. Having no SAWB in place, it means that the mechanism of checking, let alone implementing is just not there. It means that fly-by-night operators and backyard breeders have a field day in exploiting for female dogs by breeding them again and again and selling ill or unhealthy pups that eventually place a tremendous pressure on both the emotional and financial framework of a city.Summary of the rules is here :https://www.dogspot.in/dog-breeding-marketing-rules/

Similarly the Pet shop rules 2018 are a stringent exhaustive framework that ensure  pet shops follow safe comfortable and anti-cruelty guidelines for the pets sold in their establishment. The poor nature of the shops and the terrible condition of these unlicensed pet establishments is primarily because of the lack of regulation and control which are now well covered under The purview of these rules. BUT they have to be enforced.  Once again this will ensure a better quality & health of pet intake, as per Rules ,  will only except pets from registered breeders , and maintain the pets in the most safe and kind way till they are homed.

All states, city and district administration’s should be moving quickly forward to set up the frameworks to implement this at the very earliest, along with the AWBI, SAWB, and SPCAs. However there is no effort to start this up, except in a few states, let alone to effectively administer it.

Please note that there is an estimated financial loss for the administration’s through these laws, as each breeders license cost more than Rs. 5,000 a year in addition to a Rs.5000 establishment license and Rs 500 fee per stud dog/bitch. Over and above that pet shops have to pay a licensing fee every year. When there is an income stream from this activity, we are at a loss to understand why the corporations and civic authorities are not interested in collecting their legitimate license fees and also allowing unregulated, cruel pet sales to rampantly exist .

What one must understand is not just the cruelty aspect which is very very impactful, but also the financial pressure that this blatant  dismissal  of the excellent laws  puts on the Administration, shelters, taxpayers due to it’s non-adherence.

As citizens focused on our constitutional duty of compassion towards animals, we stringently request that these rules along with the state animal welfare boards be set up ASAP, and also animal welfare offices hired to ensure that these rules are properly implemented without fail. It is important that the laws are followed not just in the spirit but the letter.

The MoEFCC & AWBI must create a mechanism to ensure execution of the excellent laws across the individual state & city administration, rather than have the slow, inefficient, pointless system where citizens like us request each city to implement ( as we have done in Bangalore- please read our letter to Mr Randeep D , Special Commissioner, Bangalore City Corporation below) or raise a petition to set up a State Animal Welfare Board ( as we have also done :see bit.ly/sawbi ) . We look forward to your prompt attention .

November 10, 2018

Addl Commissioner (Admin) ,BBMP, Govt of Karnataka, NR Square, Bengaluru 560002 , Addcomm.ad@gmail.com

Dear Sir:

Subject: Meeting with Citizen Team re SAWB  & Gazetted Rules  for  BBMP Council inclusion

Framework related:  We are very anxious and concerned that the mandated nodal body like the State Animal Welfare Board ( SAWB) has still not been appointed or is non functioning. This is a mandatory requirement as per the Supreme court ruling of 2008. We request that this along with the two Breeding & Pet Shops Rules, this  absolutely must be taken up with BBMP Council and Corporators at next BBMP Council meeting so it is implemented in Karnataka.

• SAWB formation - critical as this is the body that will oversee and implement much of the animal welfare related work, licenses and affiliation. As of now State Animal Welfare Board is not existing or non functional as confirmed with Animal Husbandry Teams. This is super important and must be available in the public domain. It is also required to get a few concerned citizens on the team. circular in Nov 2015 Chief Secretaries have been requested to get the SAWB compliance as per this  circular in Nov 2015 http://awbi.org/awbi-pdf/lr_sc_abc.pdf   .  We also have a citizen petition requesting this (http://bit.ly/sawbi

• The Dog Breeding & Marketing Rules 2017, an excellent ruling, has been  gazetted in 2017 and is critical in Licensing & regulating the unorganized & terrible breeding industry. This has to be ratified & passed locally so that implementation can start.(Gazette link: http://www.fiapo.org/wpcontent/uploads/2017/05/176220.pdf ) . Please note these rules ensure  that by charging ₹5000  deposit plus a biannual breeder license of Rs 5000 will not only help regulate & organize dog breeding industry , but also provides a revenue source for BBM & bring them under a more organized sector.

• The Pet Shop Rules 2018 similarly were recently gazetted in August 2018  and can help regulate the terrible situation of pets & dog sale in the state . http://www.egazette.nic.in/WriteReadData/2018/189243.pdf  ). As the pet shop license fee is  now high, this helps in regulation and prevention of cruelty, while  the additional revenue stream to BBMP is also a plus . This also must be passed locally so inspectors can be allocated and action taken .

• Implementation: For the above AWBI, NGOs & Volunteers should appoint and supplement BBMP animal inspectors effort and a strong formal training from AWBI or Humane Society Intl should be undertaken so everything is clear? We can coordinate on this if required.
We are always available to positively contribute and collaborate.  We look forward to the above being actioned & being passed by the BBMP Council so that the PCA Act can be better implemented in our Karnataka State. 

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

The CJ Memorial Trust


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