Petition to declare climate change as an emergency in India

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We have inflicted serious irreparable damage to our planet and taken the resources we have at our disposal for granted. The industries are openly flouting industrial norms and climate change is a neglected topic in the Parliament. We have no time to waste. We are living in a climate crisis that will spiral dangerously out of control unless we take rapid and dramatic action now. This is no longer about a distant future; we are talking about nothing less than the irreversible destruction of the environment within the next few years. Oridnary people will have to come on the streets to ensure that their governments actually do so. Thanks to  Extinction Rebellion (XR) movement, England, Ireland, Wales and 558 councils covering 65 million people in 13 countries have declared a climate emergency.

Our holy rivers contain sewage. Several populated regions in India are becoming inhospitable. Floods, droughts, less rainfall, heatwaves are affecting jobs, farming, increasing diseases, and killing thousands. All of this will increase in the future, rescue efforts will cost a large sum to the exchequer; lower productivity of workers & will lower the GDP, large scale population migration from neighbouring states will stress out resources and borders, farmers suicide rates will increase. Therefore we must declare a climate emergency now.

- @tedthestoner/ Instagram