To remove all of my unique ranks from alex

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Request: Remove Moses, the Big Moses and the big gay from alex

You see, I believe that collaborating with the jews will affect you negatively. Do you really want to be seen with a jew? I feel that the unique-ness of Moses rank(s) will be ruined if you give it to a non-moses person. I kindly request that you remove those ranks to preserve the integrity of the Moses rank(s). I'm not saying alex cannot have her own personalized rank such a big jew or big gay jew. Instead of giving alex my ranks which are specially designed for ME you should give Alex no ranks or personalized ones. I honestly believe this is a serious problem, what point is there in making a specialized rank when you simply hand it to everyone? This world has limited edition items for a reason, they aren't mass produced. Why? Because they are unique and special and shouldn't be handed out to everyone. The discord ranks are the same, think of the personalized ones as limited edition star wars figures, not everyone gets to have one and thats just too bad. I hope alex didn't bribe you because I spent a hella long time writing this and I want to see results from it.