Remove the KKK fountain from the Napa Mill Inn (or remove the KKK FROM the mosaic)!

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If you walk behind the Napa Mill Inn and behind the General Store, there is a mosaic fountain. Its quite a nice mosaic, with farmers, locomotives and animals; however hidden in the upper right corner, hardly noticeable, is an image of several hooded KKK figures, gathered around a burning cross. It doesn't appear, to the casual observer, as a statement of a regretful past, but its hidden nature comes off as a hidden nod to racists. In a town not known for its diversity.

As a piece of history, it is true that 2 KKK rallies were held in the area in the 1920's- consisting mostly of people from outside the area, but including as many as 160 Napans. This doesn't seem like a huge piece of Napa history to me. If memory serves, there are no Wapo in this mosaic or Latinos, so it really doesn't seem like history is what the artist was concerned with.

Why are we glorifying the Ku Klux Klan in this image, when there are so many beautiful groups of people that we really should be honoring instead? We, the people, demand that this mosaic be removed in its entirety, or that the KKK image with its burning cross be removed! Get rid of this ugly piece of horror!