TWU members demanding equal representation and accountability during JCBA negotiations.

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Ladies and Gentlemen of TWU,

Once again we have received an update to the negotiations, this one for the week of February 17th held in Orlando, Florida and I am still counting only 5 names that represent the TWU negotiations committee and the consistent 6 for the IAM. President Sutton has requested that we go thru my Local 568 President Jimenez for answers, however upon doing just that I discovered even he has not been informed by the association as to who the 6th TWU negotiator actually is, nor has he ever been asked or offered the position to fill a vacant seat. I was also told bringing on someone to the team at this point in time would be a very laborious task and yet we have a newly elected President from Local 513 added the week of negotiations on December 16th, 2016.

Not only am I and many other MIA members puzzled by the fact that President Sidney Jimenez has never been asked or offered a seat at the table through several weeks of negotiations but we are wanting to know why we have been told that they have maintained 6 negotiators on the TWU side if their updates only show a total of 5 on the TWU side. Why is it so difficult to get anyone to tell us who the 6 are?




TWU/IAM Association Constitution: TWU/IAM Association Constitution
(Click to see TWU/IAM Association Constitution)

Article 4 - (Negotiating Committee), Section 2, paragraph (C), states: Apart from the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson, the Negotiating Committee members shall be comprised of an equal number of appointees of the TWU International President and of the IAM International President. The Committee will make and formulate bargaining positions by consensus through a process mutually agreed to by the TWU and IAM. The Committee will subject issues to a vote of members of the Negotiating Committee only on the recommendation of both the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson or (their designees. The Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of the Committee will not participate in this vote. The Chairperson and Vice Chairperson may designate staff, research, legal or other expert advisors to advise the Negotiating Committee.

(D) No Tentative Agreement will be submitted to the Employee members for a ratification vote without both (1a) majority vote of those voting among the members of the Negotiating Committee, and (2) the approval of both the Chairperson and the Vice Chairperson or their designees.

(E) Ratification of Agreements shall be by a majority vote of those voting among Employee members of the Association (as good standing members of either TWU or IAM in accord with their respective Constitutions.) in a secret ballot vote conducted in accordance with a process mutually agreed to by the International Presidents of the TWU and IAM.



-The association isn't "compromised of an equal number of appointees" on the TWU side.

-Several weeks with vacant seats have gone by.

-A seat was filled by a newly elected Local 513 President recently.

-One empty seat still remains.

-MIAMI’s President, who is amply experienced with negotiations, has never been offered one of the vacant seats.

-Why were we told 6 have always held a seat while the past couple months of updates reflect otherwise?


The agreement by the Association is that both the TWU and the IAM will have equal representation at the table. The TWU membership needs equal representation at the table to fulfill the TWU/IAM Association Constitution. When we look at the JCBA that you bring back to us for ratification we need to know we had FAIR INPUT and aren’t suffering from any inferior, UNBALANCED representation. We need to restore 6 on the TWU side to match the 6 on the IAM side. It is UNACCEPTABLE to have less on any side.

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