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Demand Fair Taxes for Greece and abolish the Objective Tax Criteria

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Greek citizens are unfairly taxed based on absurd criteria and even in advance.

1) Self-employed and businesses will be obliged to pay in advance 30% of the tax of the previous year in January, July and October. That it the tax office will collect 90% of the tax in advance -based on taxation of previous year – independently of the actual revenues of business and self-employed in the running year.

Currently down-payment of tax is at 55%.

Exceptions are considered in case the running revenues (and consequently tax payment) are lower than 20%. But then the tax payer has to prove this.

2) Each payment for freelance work will be taxed with 42% independently of the total annual income.

3) Compensation paid out to fired employee will be taxed from the very first euro. Currently compensation up to 60,000 euro is tax free.

All these nice tax measures in times where recession prevails, unemployment is at 27% and the members of the parliamentary committee investigating the Lagarde List with 2,200 potential big scale tax evaders are verbally shooting at each other without having invited even one of these 2,200 bank account holders to give explanation about the source of money.

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