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12 October 2020
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Harrow Council - Graham Henson (Raising concerns to the council)
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Why this petition matters

Petition Topic -

Remove Low neighbourhood Traffic Roadblocks in Harrow

Your desired outcome:

To remove all the Low traffic neighbourhood schemes in Harrow as detailed below

Specific location details?

Implemented at:

• Victor Road (by Harrow View)

• Pinner View (near Bolton Road)

• Kingsfield Avenue (by Pinner View)

• Pinner View (by Cunningham Park)

• Beresford Road (by Cunningham Park)

• Canterbury Road (by Station Road)

• Cumberland Road (by Station Road)


Including the following schemes

LTN-02 Pinner View area, Headstone South

LTN-03 Francis Road area, Greenhill

LTN-04 Vaughan Road area, West Harrow

LTN-06 Southfield Park area, North Harrow


The purpose of this petition is to object to the road blockages installed under emergency measures associated with Covid 19 as Low traffic neighbourhoods and demand that all the roads are fully reopened.


The closure of these roads is causing distress and anxiety for residents and creating far more problems than the scheme could ever hope to resolve.


The main issues being:


·       All the key issues outlined below are being experienced currently when both car and pedestrian road use is much lower due to Covid 19 circumstances. All the issues are likely to be amplified post lockdown, when normal traffic and pedestrian levels return.

·       The smooth flow of traffic is being seriously disrupted as major roads have been blocked from one end or another, resulting in excessive traffic and journey times.

·       Excessive traffic is also being forced onto some narrower, quieter residential roads.

·       Pollution has risen and is spreading, while air quality is lower due to increased road congestion and idling traffic.

·       Emergency services are being delayed, which could have fatal consequences.

·       Disabled, vulnerable and less mobile residents are being discriminated against.

·       Home deliveries have become difficult, especially affecting the immobile and elderly

·       Essential services like waste collection are being disrupted.

·       Quieter roads have led to thefts and cars being damaged, and have led to personal safety concerns when walking on roads, especially after dark.

·       Major cyclist routes are being abandoned or underused due to heavy-traffic and increased local pollution.

·       No perceived increase in either in footfall or cyclists, as was anticipated.

·       Many local businesses are being negatively impacted due to reduced custom.

·       Reduced perceived police presence driving through neighbourhoods.

·       Increased damage to residential driveways and other road fixtures due to excessive three-point-turns and other previously avoidable automotive manoeuvres.

·       Many barriers have disrupted the main functions the original town planners had given to these roads, defeating the smooth traffic flow and other intended purposes.

·       Parking near barriers is increasingly more difficult, which will eventually clog up the roads for cyclists and others.

·       Thereby even further increasing pollution, congestion and grid lock, with incomparably high driving times.

·       Some large residential & commercial developments (such as Eastman Village & Harrow View West) are being undertaken in the borough will put even more pressure on the main roads (such as Parkside way, Headstone Lane, Pinner Road and others), thus increasing pollution, congestion and heavier grid locking.

·       While giving advantage to cyclist, this scheme has inadequately addressed the concerns of those who cannot or do not want to use cycles, for personal, lifestyle or cultural reasons.


As stated by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps on 18th October 2020:


“Schemes must balance the needs of cyclists and pedestrians with the needs of other road users, including motorists and local businesses… We are not prepared to tolerate hastily introduced schemes, which will create sweeping changes to communities, without consultation, and ones where the benefits to cycling and walking do not outweigh the dis-benefits for other road users.”


Harrow did not carry out their own pledges to consider all the implications of the changes. Harrow’s consultation standard states “Where a consultation does not meet these standards, it will not be allowed to launch”.


Clearly then, the whole problem stems from a failure to adequately consider or consult. This is undemocratic, non-transparent, and a failure of the Council to serve the community responsibly. Harrow have a consultation process and they should follow it


So whilst it is widely appreciated that there is a need to consider lower traffic, less pollution, safer cycle networks and quieter streets, this is obviously not the way to do it. Other alternatives such 20 mph zones, APNR cameras, making certain roads one-way, staggered bocks and give-ways – could all be more widely acceptable and less disruptive.


Therefore for now, the schemes need to be removed and the issues addressed from a starting point where the full democratic process is undertaken as it should, with adequate and fair consultation and consideration of ALL groups, rather than the completely avoidable, deep social divisions, disruptions and resent that this scheme has currently resulted in.





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Signatures: 4,834Next Goal: 5,000
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  • Harrow Council - Graham HensonRaising concerns to the council