LTN Fiasco - Vote of No Confidence: Remove Headstone South Councillors

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It is our contention that the Councillors in the ward of Headstone South have systematically failed to take into account the interests of ALL the residents in sanctioning the implementation of the LTN initiative in this area.

We ask them to seriously consider their position in light of their continued failure to adhere to the principles of service to the community – something which they solemnly swore to uphold on taking office.


The following petitioners give notice to the three Councillors - Councillor Simon Brown, Councillor Pamela Fitzpatrick, and Councillor Sashi Suresh that they have damaged the bond of trust between us and seriously shaken the confidence of the community in their ability to perform adequately as our representatives.

The purpose of this petition is to reinstate the purpose of leadership and public service in the work of our elected officers.


We note that the expected attributes of our elected Councillors should mean that they always demonstrate

Selflessness, Integrity, Objectivity, Accountability, Openness, Honesty, and Leadership


It is our contention that they have fallen short in several of these required attributes of service.


·       They failed to ensure all residents would be made aware of the consequences of their being influenced by the original petition in support of the LTN. This includes our most vulnerable people – a duty further enforced by the Equality Act

·       They failed to represent their residents views in relation to the petition at the meeting of the full council on 26th November 2020

·       They failed in their duty of care to ensure that the Emergency services are NOT delayed, an issue which could have fatal consequences.

·       They failed to consider equally the requirements of all residents and gave undue bias towards the vested interests of a cyclist group

·       They allowed themselves to be influenced by persons not living in the area who help organise the activities of these vested interests and gave undue bias to their views

·       They constantly fail to reply to correspondence expressing valid concerns of residents about the retention of the LTNs

·       They disingenuously exploited the issue of a pandemic to install a scheme that had been under discussion well before the emergence of the Covid emergency

·       Their inaction has ironically created excessive traffic on some narrower, previously quieter residential roads.

·       They failed to ensure that local businesses are not being negatively impacted due to reduced custom.

·       They failed to protect the health of residents of main transport routes whose roads have experienced exponentially increased traffic and with it ever higher levels of pollution

·       They have compromised the safety of residents by hindering the work of the police and the ambulance service as they navigate the blocked roads of the LTNs

·       They have put cyclist’s safety at risk on main transport routes as they negotiate hugely increased  levels of traffic

·       They have palpably failed for the benefit of all to plan, research, design and implement a fair scheme that would have allowed them to anticipate better and alleviate more adroitly the worst excesses of a brutally simplistic scheme

·       They have failed to comply with the words of Grant Shapps, the Minister for Transport when he specifically warned against “hastily introduced schemes, which will create sweeping changes to communities, without consultation”

·       They have failed to adhere to the Council’s own ruling that “where a consultation does not meet these standards, it will not be allowed to launch”. Harrow have a specified consultation process and they did not follow it


The petitioners wish it to be known that such a deficit model in the standards of our elected officers is not wanted and should there not be a demonstrable change in performance then they and others that seek to aspire to the privileged position of being our elected representatives must face the consequences in the forthcoming local elections.