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Help residents and commercial improve access near the Harrow Civic Amenity Site

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Anyone living or trading in the Wealdstone/Kenton area near the Civic Amenity site is being badly affected by traffic to and from the Amenity site. This has escalated since the closure of other local sites and restrictions at some.

The situation is so bad now that local traders are not getting deliveries. This is putting at risk the companies in Christchurch Estate as well as small shops such as Martin Dee's corner shop.

The average time to do the short distance from Oxford Road junction with Byron Road to the Leisure Center is over 30 minutes. This is less than a 2 minute drive. This includes weekdays and can be from 8am to 4pm. its worse at the weekends and bank holidays.

We are all in favour of recycling, and this also affects those wanting to use the site at any time, both businesses and residents, as the queuing to get into the small site can be up to an hour or more from both sides of the roundabout. 

This is likely to have a knock on costly effect to residents and councils of fly tipping.

To ease the pressure for people living in Christchurch Avenue or roads off it, and those living in Byron Road, Masons Avenue, Forward Drive, Herga Road, a simple option would surely to allow through traffic at the roundabout where the bus lane leads into Christchurch Avenue from the roundabout. This would allow all traffic that are not using the tip/shops and and are not residents of Masons Av/Forward Drive to bypass the queues. This would then drastically reduce the time queuing for the amenity site and allow a better flow of traffic for residents and the retailers in the area of Masons Ave and Forward Drive.

We are advised by the Civic Centre Community/Commissioning Services that TFL refuse to discuss this measure. They cannot do anything else about the issue.

Alternatively - and surely the best option, relocate or open an amenity site elsewhere as its unacceptable to have just the one for such a large catchment area in a mainly residential area. 


Please help us to get this issue escalated by the council to improve lives for residents, businesses and users of the site

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