Harrisburg, NC Land Use Petition- Stallings Road

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Harrisburg NC Land Use Petition- Stallings Road

As concerned neighbors of Harrisburg, we are opposed to the proposed rezoning of the Stallings Road property (PIN’s: 55172376060000, 55172376060000) from RE (Rural Estate) or RL (Low density residential) to CZ-RV (conditional zoning – residential village).
We the undersigned do petition the Harrisburg Town Council to vote against the zoning request change on this parcel not because we are anti-growth but because we are enthusiastic supporters of smart, responsible, planned development. Our most compelling reasons include:

1. The proposed rezoning of the property is inconsistent with the surrounding properties. All of the existing subdivisions within the town limits that are off of Stallings are set to RL which only allows lots of at least 1/3 of an acre or more.  Developments on either side of this parcel are all brick, on ½ acre + lots.
2. Insufficient road infrastructure- Rezoning to CZ-RV would add additional traffic to an already overcrowded and poorly designed road system that was inadequate before it was built. On the Land Use Plan Draft dated December 2017 Stallings Road is clearly identified as “Other Major Thorough, Needs Improvement.” Additionally, Rocky River Rd., Robinson Church Rd., and Hickory Ridge Rd. are all identified as “Boulevard, Needs Improvements.” If this rezoning is approved and the planned development completed, the residential neighborhoods and schools surrounding the property will witness a dramatic increase in traffic in an already heavily congested area, which will lead to more accidents, injuries, and fatalities.
3. Continued hardship on an already overcrowded school system. From the Land Use Plan “Though the Cabarrus County Planning Department provides the CCS system with permit data every two weeks, CCS cannot keep pace with the growth, as evidenced by the current enrollment.”
4. This development proposal is not consistent with the current zoning or the Town Vision & Core Values Statement, “Harrisburg will be the best small town in North Carolina based on low density housing, excellent economic opportunities, a safe living environment, and efficient and effective municipal services.” Voting for a rezoning change to include medium or high density clearly is contradictory to the core values.
5. There is already sufficient high density and residential village within town limits. Town council just approved two (2) new subdivisions with zoning of CZ-RV. Higher density homes in the town center area and the over 55 residential area off the old Robinson Church Rd. already exist. “Approved, pending, and active single family (attached and detached) subdivisions in the planning area include 17 developments that are currently in progress (approved, pending approval, and active), containing an estimated 2,314 approved lots; however, all but 1,530 lots currently do not have a structure on them.”
6. The Developer of the parcel adjacent to Stallings Farm has included two cut-through points for traffic on Bovine Lane and Ruth Fidler.  These points go through the existing Stallings Farm neighborhood, creating additional traffic, public safety concerns and pedestrian risks. Please refer to the current Harrisburg Unified Development Ordinance- Article There is only one road in and out currently accessed by 103 homes.  That can increase to as many as 300 homes.  Stallings Farm is adjacent to Harrisburg Elementary School and is a walking route for many children.  Stallings Farm Neighborhood and Stallings Road lacks continuous sidewalks for these children to safely walk to and from school.
7. This rezoning request does not encourage the responsible growth most Town Council members publicly support.  Key Findings from the community meeting on Land Use found that “The protection of natural resources, aesthetics and open space are important to the residents. They want to preserve the assets that drew them to Harrisburg.”  As our elected officials, we ask you to keep your promise to us and vote NO to the rezoning request.