Sheldon Community Opposes Car Salvage Yard on C.E. King Parkway

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Please sign this petition to oppose the development of an Auto Salvage Auction site located on C.E. King Parkway near East Little York in Sheldon, Texas. Several hundred acres of land were purchased by Houston CoPart Salvage Auto Auctions which will use the property to store and sale used and damaged vehicles.

This type of site is not just an auction site, but has the potential to become a junk yard and dump site that will not benefit the Sheldon Community or enhace our quality of life. The proposed industrial site will be adjacent to H.M. Carroll Elementary School and several residential properties: Hidden Meadows, Evergreen Villas, Colina Homes, and Bavaria. A salvage yard will increase commercial truck traffic in the area; which will further congest streets and damage roads creating more potholes and is too close to our schools and children.

The storage of used and damaged vehicles will also bring the risk of hazardous materials and several environmental threats to our neighborhoods and natural environments we are trying to preserve. For example, oil and chemicals in the vehicles may runoff and contaminate water during heavy rains and floods.

The site can also have a negative impact on new development and homeowners' property values. It will make it harder to sale new homes and re-sale existing homes with a car salvage/dump located nearby. The site may also increase the level of crime because of people stealing scrap metal and car parts.

The Sheldon Community should oppose the development of this Auto Salvage site and make every effort to ensure Harris County and the State of Texas are enforcing all development standards, permitting requirements, and pollution control/environmental protection measures. Please sign this petition and voice your concern to our local elected officials by callling: County Commissioner Rodney Ellis 713-755-6111, State Senator Sylvia Garcia 713-923-7575, and State Rep. Harold Dutton 713-692-9192.

The Harris County Engineering Department is responsible for issuing permits and need to ensure no violations are occurring and all permitting requirements are followed. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) is also responsible for certain permits and regulations that should be reviewed and enforced.

Sign this petition to voice your concern and help protect our community from unwanted development that will harm our quality of life and environment. If successful, we can stop this encroachment into our community. If we cannot stop this development, at the very least we can voice our concern and let this Auto Salvage company know that we will not allow our community to be polluted or harmed.

Together we can accomplish anything! We are Sheldon Strong!

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