The prosecution of Dr. Gokal is unjust, and DA Kim Ogg should stop his prosecution.

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The signees urge you to drop the charges and grand jury investigation against Dr. Hasan Gokal. In line with his oath as a physician to save lives, Dr. Hasan Gokal vaccinated vulnerable Texans using vaccines that would have otherwise expired. In line with the Houston Chronicle’s reporting, Dr. Gokal reached out to county public health officials for guidance but was given none. According to reporting, the county said they had a procedure in place but failed to provide what the procedures were or in writing upon request by the NYT. Therefore, Dr. Gokal took it into his own hands to make sure that the lives of vulnerable individuals would be protected. He made the best of a tough situation because the County had no plan. For his heroic deeds he was then fired and subsequently unjustly prosecuted.  

Given the media accounts of both the Houston Chron and New York Times, the fact that numerous physicians facing vaccine wastage have been celebrated by the media rather than charged, and the fact that Texas state Judge Franklin Bynum has dismissed his case for lack of probable cause, we call on you DA Kim Ogg to cease the filing of charges against Dr. Gokal and issue an apology. In these times, prosecuting physicians for vaccinating vulnerable members our society is irresponsible when the alternative would be to throw those vaccines away.