Harringey council strategy excluding dog owners from parks

Harringey council strategy excluding dog owners from parks

14 October 2022
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Why this petition matters


Hey folks,

The Harringey Council is looking to come up with a 'Parks and Greenspaces' strategy to make parks more inclusive by excluding dog owners (spot the irony). I need your help to help them understand this simply something silly that most reasonable people do not want.

They are trying to justify their heavy handed and lazy public policy making on the back of poor research methodology e.g. this research survey here and green space strategy here. You will notice there are plenty of leading questions that are clearly trying to illicit a response from respondents, that confirms their own personal bias against dogs and their owners.

Why is this bad? In simple words leading questions are a brilliant way for a lazy or evangelical council bureaucrat at hiding behind 'bad data' to implement a personal pet project (spot the pun). Here is an example of a bad leading question in a completely made up survey that will give bad data:

"Do you support the council's new policy because you have concerns? E.g. Are you scared of being bitten by a rabid dogs:

The survey also implies it would be great to get volunteers to police other dog owners. (Spot how this can go very very wrong.)

An inclusive public space is a good thing most sane people will support. A council bureaucrat hiding behind bad research and inclusion, to exclude others is a very bad and lazy thing that affects real people.

There is no doubt there can be good policy to solve real problems caused by irresponsible dog owners (see here). However problems can be made worse with bad policy.

However excluding dog owners is a bad, lazy and frankly immoral idea. Using the same rationale we can exclude just about anyone in the name of 'inclusion' e.g. irresponsible vehicle owners, irresponsible parents, irresponsible carers etc.

Help me by signing this petition so that i can encourage the council and our local MP to have a serious rethink about how they go about conducting bad research and excluding in the name of including.

Thank you!

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Signatures: 802Next Goal: 1,000
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