Get Harriett Baldwin to do more about Poverty in Worcestershire

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We want to make a petition to highlight the poverty issues in Worcestershire, particularly Malvern. This is a larger issue than most people think, in fact thirty one per cent of children in Pickersleigh live in poverty (

Malvern Hills Foodbank has distributed roughly thirty six thousand meals (36,000) to one thousand, four hundred and ninety two people (1,492) in 2015. This is a start, but not enough, only fifteen meals for each person in a year. (

A questionnaire I conducted found that 86% of people think homelessness in Malvern is not an issue. This is obviously not true, and there is not enough being done about it.

If this petition gets a lot of signatures, I will send an email to Harriett Baldwin trying to get her to realise that this is an issue, and more food banks and homeless shelters must be made.