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Harriet Tubman National Historical Parks Act

Harriet Tubman was one of the most courageous and selfless heroes in American history. She lived the last 50 years of her life in Auburn, NY raising funds to continue her trips to and from Maryland on the Underground Railroad to bring freedom seekers North, served as a nurse and spy during the Civil War, worked steadfastly for Abolition of Slavery and Women's Rights, and ran a home for elderly and indigent African Americans. In a raid up the Combahee River in South Carolina in 1863, she lead a mission which freed over 750 slaves. She is the only woman in American military history to conceive and conduct such a raid.   2013 will be the Centennial of Harriet Tubman's death. The national recognition she so richly deserves is long overdue .

Congress needs to know this legislation has grassroots support across the country.  We will submit these signatures by June 2012.  Don't wait.

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