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I call on you to give voice to a vote of no confidence in the current government from the people of the United Kingdom

Following the result of the election, I call on the people of the United Kingdom to sign this petition to show a vote of no confidence in our current government. With the forthcoming scrapping of the human rights act, the 12 billion pound cuts to welfare targeted at the disabled and most vulnerable people in society, it is time we all stood together to say that enough is enough. The fact that the results of a UN investigation into the legality of the bedroom tax and the announcement of more interference into the lives of the citizens is due/has been announced, the selling off of the nhs etc shows the disregard the current administration has for the public. The more petitions/voices and demonstrations we show as a mass united people's movement, the more people will understand and effect real change. There are many examples in history where mass protest has made a real difference, the suffragettes, poll tax to name just two. If you care about the future of this country, please sign this petition to show your support
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