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Harold W. Scism, my daughter's father, is seeking Habeas Corpus relief. Harold was wrongfully arrested in February of 2007. He had his own Landscaping, Gardening and Pondbuilding Business. Harry was a law-abiding and voting member of society. His family and friends were in shock over the arrest and incarceration. He is loved and missed by his family and friends.

Harry grew-up in the Duchess County area of New York. Harry and I married in July of 1996 and were blessed by the birth of our daughter in September of 1998. This was the first and only marriage for both of us.

Tragedy occured to our lives when we involved ourselves with his brother Fred's family situation. His wife Barbara, also known as Roxanne, had left him with her 3 daughters, the youngest child being his brother's biological daughter. His wife and daughters were located in Polk County, FL during the Spring of 2002. The daughters were in the care of the State of Florida.

The State of Florida had a file of the females that listed their behavioral issues, yet they never looked at how their destructive behaviors could harm the adult home they were placed in.  Harry and I divorced and the older two daughters lived with Harry and continued in the foster care system with the state visiting on a monthly basis.

In November of 2005, he adopted the 2 females. They changed their first names to Kaylie and Kimberly. They both spoke to a Judge in Bartow, FL and wrote a letter to the Judge about how much they wanted to be adopted and have Harry be their legal father.

The oldest female would turn 18 in April and the other sister was 16. With no investigation of the story given in the police report, and without communicating with adults familiar with Harry and his adopted daughters, detective Thomas Banks arrested Harry charging him with sexual abuse.

Detective Thomas Banks put together a tape using the Reid Technique of Interrogation. I viewed this tape myself and it was unquestionably a tale that could be used for anyone Det. Banks chose to incriminate. Timeline and sequence went against documented time and history. The Reid Technique is used by interrogators to achieve the results they seek.  

Harry's home was torn apart with no evidence to be found. His walls and drains were laser scanned, his linens and garbage were taken and examined. There was no evidence to be found to back up the allegations, yet a law-abiding citizen was arrested. The Reid Technique requires investigative work afterwards to back up the tape and that was not done.  There was nothing to back-up the tape, yet it was permitted at trial.

Mr Scism and many other people are convicted BECAUSE of police interrogation practices, the Reid Technique leads to the interrogator WANTED results. The result, a FALSE CONFESSION. The public and the jury is lead to believe that a confession was made, when it fact it was coerced by trained professionals; the interrogators. Lives are destroyed by this practice.

 State of Florida files on the adopted daughters were not permitted at trial.

The Law Firm of Brown and Aulls in Brooksville, FL was unfortunately hired in 2007. Harold Scism consistently communicated his innocence, yet was ignored by the law firm. The Law Firm had their own agenda. Harold Scism directed the law firm to communicate and review his case with me. To this day, his file or any proof of a work product has not been provided to me or Harry.

In 2009, his case was moved to the Office of the Public Defender. For the first time since the arrest, Harry was able to review the case against him. The Law Firm of Brown and Aulls of Brooksville, FL spent their time trying to reach a plea deal while ignoring the fact that Harold Scism stated his innocence.

During the trial, all witnesses for the defense were pre-screened and informed of what they could and could not say. The jury was not in the room during the pre-screening. Prosector Lisa Diane Herndon never investigated the tale she was told, yet was permitted to sell her tale and the tape to the jury. This act occurs all over the country to earn a conviction.

Documented history, no evidence, and no DNA evidence proves Harold Scism is innocent. Conviction at any cost was Lisa Diane Herndon's goal. She had been seeking judgeship. Career goals outranked justice. Governor Rick Scott appointed her to the judgeship.

We also hope to change the hearts of Kaylie and Kimberly whom reside in Weeki Wachee and Spring Hill, Fl in Hernando County, FL.  Harold's  biological daughter misses and loves her father, she is very hurt by Kaylie and Kimberly's actions.  Please help release Harold Scism to his family and friends.
Harry was given a life sentence for a crime that did not occur, there was no evidence nor DNA evidence to substantiate the allegations made against him.

 Please grant Harold W. Scism's request for Habeaus Corpus relief.  He is an honorable man and an asset to his family and society. His biological daughter misses and loves her dad.  Please honor his request and the request of his family and friends.  

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  • Florida State Senate
  • President of the United States
  • Florida Governor
  • Fifth Judicial Circuit of Hernando County Florida
    The Honorable Judge Daniel B. Merritt, Sr.
  • U.S. District Judge, Middle District of Florida, Tampa Divison, Tampa, FL
    The Honorable James D. Whittemore

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