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A call for nationwide Department of Corrections (DOC) approval of new small business startup education as outlined herein to combat and ultimately diminish the national recidivism rate.

We the people, through the founders and Co-owners of Odalys LLC, having acknowledged the dire need of small business startup education for incarcerated individuals, hereby moves the directors and all other governing officials for State and Federal Department of Corrections (DOC's) nationwide to approve and administer the new educational opportunity for inmates as proposed by the founders and Co-owners of Odalys LLC.

This new educational opportunity comes in the form of a program and or support group titled "Inmates for Entrepreneurship". The mission/purpose for the Inmates for Entrepreneurship program and or support group is to teach inmates who either has a high school diploma or GED, and has completed one or more vocational classes or has a particular skill set how to start their own small business/businesses and put their skills to use as entrepreneurs and overall productive citizens. Inmates often obtain vocational skills and or other skill sets that can be used to legally and successfully make a living for themselves. However, in the event that they can't obtain employment, the result is often recidivism because they lack the necessary know-how to unleash the true entrepreneur within themselves. Thus creating a dire need for the small business startup education to be taught via the proposed Inmates for Entrepreneurship program and or support group.

Travis E. Williams, founder of the "Inmates for Entrepreneurial Progress" movement, author of the book "Inmates for Entrepreneurial Progress", Co-founder and Co-owner of Odalys LLC quotes:

"In these trying times while being incarcerated myself, I see a great deal of inmates who truly want to use their time to educate and better themselves, get out of prison and do something positive and productive with their lives. However, the lack of the particular knowledge base such as basic small business startup education and small business development resources are the essential missing links that has been missing for decades. Existing education is provided in state and federal facilities to allow inmates to receive GED's and trades. However, these educational opportunities only prepare inmates to work for someone else in the event that someone is willing to hire them. Inmates are not prepared to deal with employment rejection, nor are they prepared to legally pursue self-employment through the launch of their own small business. This is were we as a whole need to bridge the gap. If ex-offenders were released back into society after having been prepared with the right tools for success, the odds of success will prove to be shockingly higher. Lower national recidivism rates, higher productive citizenship through an increased rate of self-employment, and tax and social security contributions...less crime, the economy thrives, and everybody wins."

On behalf of Odalys LLC, Travis E. Williams has committed to develop the materials for the "Inmates for Entrepreneurship" program and or support group at no cost to government officials nor incarcerated individuals, and agrees to work with DOC officials nationwide to make sure that the program complies with all DOC regulations.

Evolution in our jail and prison system nationwide desperately necessary and we the people believe that the proposal for a new educational opportunity offered via the founders and Co-owners of Odalys LLC marks the need/demand for evolution, and will be a historical contribution to national prison reform.

We the people, hereby support the vision of Odalys LLC for nationwide small business startup education for inmates, and further support this petition in pursuit of positive change.


Inmates For Entrepreneurial Progress