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Stop the unnecessary killing of healthy animals; admit volunteer workers

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Stop the Unnecessary Killing of Animals at Harnett Co. Animal Control in Lillington NC

NOTE: Added 5/17/2013: This petition is in no way directed at the employees of the shelter, they are only doing their jobs. This is aimed at the policy makers.

A few facts about Harnett County Animal Control: 

It has very short public hours. Only 15.5 per week. (no weekend hours)

It will almost never hold any animals beyond their weekly 'kill day' even if the shelter is not full or if an animal has been requested held over due to the
adopter/rescue not being able to be there before the ‘Kill’ day.

Food is withheld from the animals on Tuesdays so as to avoid them being sick on ‘kill’ day.

It has a drop box for animals to be surrendered after hours.

It has been requested, and apparently approved by the commissioners to allow volunteers however Barry Blevins will not permit the volunteers to come in to help.

“At the county commissioner meeting last February, many people spoke of their concerns. The commissioners agreed to changes and wanted to get in volunteers ASAP. Nothing has been done, and the shelter is now stonewalling any changes.
People have tried to work nicely with Barry Blevins and that has not worked. It
is time to go public with the shelters policies, both written and unwritten.” –quote
from an attendee

The point to this petition is to allow more resources access to the facility to help rehome these perfectly healthy animals rather than put them down.

We would like to work with the facility and add the following:
Volunteers permitted into the facility. Many have expressed interest in caring for and assessing and socializing the animals.
Longer public hours, including a half day Saturday. (we have volunteers that will work these additional hours)
A dedicated 'kill day' with NO euthanizations done on any other day.
If shelter not full, then no euthanization be done that week.
A longer adoption floor time per animal. Ideally, a minimum of 2 weeks on the adoption floor before going on the 'kill list'
Holdovers for animals if a formal request has been submitted.
Animals put up on their website as soon as they are taken into the facility so as to have time to network the animal, should an owner not come to reclaim during the 72 hour mandatory hold.
At a minimum a cursory vet appraisal done at intake to determine if further treatment is needed.
The option of rescues to pull an 'unadoptable' sick or injured animal for medical treatment.

ADDED 5/17/2013: The option of rescues to pull breeds deemed 'unadoptable' due to BSL.

The option for rescues to pull outside of public hours with previous scheduling of times.

“This shelter is very low capacity. If they had a adoption coordinator (vol or paid), it would be no problem for that person to notify the public when an animal was in danger of pts. Most shelters I worked with before do this.” -anonymous

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