Australian Christian college discrimination against autistic child - sign to reinstate boy

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7 year old autistic & dyslexic needs your help to reinstate him back to his school for term2 . 

Australian Christian college - moreton  principal Gary underwood agrees and signs child out of deregistration of school  for  non complience due to not being able to complete school pen to paper work yet was on short corses and completed tasks to his full most capability .  139/209 task complete in one all online exams complete . 

He been doing good i see no grounds for termination only under the work we didnt hand in which was paper base . apart from that been clearly noted my sons been participating . Please note he is autistic and dyslexic . he is a computer visual learner yet when it comes to pen to paper he cant do and this is the conflict we are having and have been kicked out due to the fact of non complience .  may i please have as many signutures to help save my boy from un cruel act - i am now seeking legal action and a advocate but have not been in contact as of yet due to easter . this is disability discrimination my child has a right like any other formal student 

#savekiki2018  # welcome him back