Restore Harlow's Tree Population

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Let's make Harlow green again!

Since Harlow's inception Harlow has always had a great selection of native and non-native trees such as the Alder, Apple, Ash, Birch, Cedar, Cherry, Chestnut, Conifers, Cypress, Elder, Elm, Hazel, Holly, Lime, Maple, Oak, Pine, Spruce, Sycamore, Walnut, Willow, and Yew.

This petition is for Harlow Council to have a discussion on the best possible method on how to implement the process of planting some of the trees mentioned listed above in our free greenspaces in a decorated manner. It doesn't need to be an expensive process and as a suggestion some volunteers can help out too, so that in time with much careful planning with consideration to the public, have more trees planted around Harlow.

Since trees can get damaged by environmental stress such as water shortages, poor soil conditions, excessive wind, too much or not enough light, bacteria, viruses and exotic diseases, new housing estates, vandalism, etc. It is important to properly maintain the trees that we have and to plant new ones if old ones get uprooted.

Studies and common sense have shown a link between our environment and our mental health well-being. What we see all around us in our daily lives affects our moods, behaviours and how we act, nature can have a positive way of reducing anxiety and can make us feel more relaxed.

With ever decreasing air quality in today's society trees are even more important now so more than ever especially in towns and cities. Recent research suggests that the planting of trees along the sides of roads could reduce NO2 concentrations in addition to providing amenity value. Trees can also remove pollution by intercepting airborne particles. Some particles can be absorbed into the tree, though most that are intercepted are retained on the plant surface. The intercepted particle is often re-suspended to the atmosphere, washed off by rain, or dispersed through leaf fall.

Trees can act as an important biosphere for pollinating insects, animals and fungi that need the trees to survive. Everything is all connected for example with more trees around means less pollution so that an abundance of insects can prosper more efficiently such as butterflies and big moths. More trees would mean more pollen for bees to produce nectar and in turn that can produce a better harvest of honey for local people. With all these combine benefits I would also note that some trees that should be planted should be the ones that can produce fruit that animals and humans can both enjoy freely. So, in conclusion trees are a very important habitat for local wildlife and our health as human beings.

Another good idea to have would be memorial trees just like you get with benches.  To honour the life of a love one that has recently moved on, a special tree will be planted to commemorate that person's life.  Many of these trees should be planted around Harlow especially at the places those persons admired the most.  The families can look after those trees and show respect just like a normal grave.

And finally it would just look more beautiful just to have more trees around in general. A variety of unique/rare types would also be nice to see and a protection order on some of our trees would also be a bonus asset.

It is time to show that we care about our town, our land, our environment and we want something done about it with positive change.

Thank you very much.

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