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Close the HD factory in India, Brazil and China

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Harley Davidson Motor Company has been racing for more global reach of their motorcycle product lines. In this concerted effort, Harley davidson has opened plants in India. 

As of 2011, some of the bikes built in India were from component kits supplied by the U.S. plants.

However, Harley Davidson has elected to open manufacturing plants in India to save the tariff cost at the expense of the American people. As previously reported Harley davidson says:

"The company opened its first Indian dealership in August and plans to have five open by the end of the year. Those stores have been selling American-made bikes. Some models will continue to be imported as completely built motorcycles “for now,” the company says..

The Motor Co. also has a CKD plant in Brazil."

Harley davidson has also taken the effort to China as well.

Harley Davidson has a historical precedence of being Pro American and "Made in America". With todays economy and the need to get more Americans back to work, Harley davidson has the ability to substantially impact the nations economy. This impact could directly relate to the employment of parts manufacturers, parts suppliers, bike plant builders, logistical enterprises for shipping to China and India,  etcetera.

Harley Davidson chooses to line their pockets with cheap labor instead of reflecting the pro american status we have proudly come to know.

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