Schools need to allow body modifications!

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Students should be able to express themselves in any way they want to. Being told that there body piercings do not look "professional" and that they will never be able to find a job because of it will make students unhappy and be more focused in the lack of encouragement from the staff rather than school work. Staff will be stopping students during passing periods and sending them home causing them to miss a day all because they had a bar of jewelry in there skin. It is not a distraction to others and it doesn't affect there work capability , instead you just wasted there day by sending them home and now they will fall behind on all the work they needed to get done for the day. This situation is a big deal and needs to end. Students feel themselves and comfortable when they have body modifications and forcing them to take them out will only cause more of a distraction. We need to get ahold of Harlandale HISD and show them that this problem needs to be resolved rather than ignored.