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Add gender identity and gender expression to their diversity statement

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As an employee, it is important to know that you are protected when going into work. If anything were to occur (hate speech, harassment, etc.) , that actions would be made because actions such as discrimination would not be tolerated.   

When applying for a job, Harkins Administrative Services Inc. makes it clear they do not discriminate on the basis of gender identity. Once employed however, no protections are mentioned in any of their policies.

The company has what is known as a Diversity Statement, which is posted in their handbook and in the employee break rooms. All those listed as a protected class upon applying are carried over to the company's Diversity Statement with the exception of Gender Identity. It was dropped from the list. 

  I remember the feeling of happiness when I first read the statement. Sexual Orientation was included, I am among the protected class. I couldn't imagine the feeling of being trans and seeing the exact opposite. It must be disheartening to see.   

AMC Theatre, a competitor of Harkins Theatre and a fortune 1000 company (rank 765), does include gender identity and gender expression in their statement and we hope Harkins Theatre will do the same.   

Please sign the petition and ask Harkins Theatre to make the change today! 

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