Help Stop Haringey Council From Implementing A Borough Wide Landlord Licensing Scheme

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What Are The Types Of Licenses?

House In Multiple Occupation (HMO) License - HMOs are properties that has three or more storeys with five or more people living as two or more households and sharing amenities has to be licensed.

Selective Licensing – this type of scheme covers all other privately rented properties.

What Is A Landlord Licensing?

Below is an explanation of a Landlord Licensing.

Haringey council is proposing the introduction of landlord licensing in 29 areas across the borough, in which all privately rented properties will need a licence.

For each House In Multiple Occupation (HMO) licence, there is a proposed fee of £208 per unit of accommodation, but a 50% is available for applications made in the first three months of the scheme being introduced. 

Imagine if you have an HMO property with 6 rooms, this will cost 6 x £208 = £1248 for the licence fees.

For each Selective licence, there is a proposed fee of £500 per property, but a 50% is available for applications made in the first three months of the scheme being introduced.  

A licence lasts for a five-year period and no further fees would be payable during that time. 

To be compliant, landlords or managing agents of properties across the whole borough would need to apply for a licence, with non-compliance being a criminal offence,

This is an UNJUST revenue raising scheme by Haringey Council to be levied on the landlords of properties within the Borough of Haringey.

There is no justification whatsoever by Haringey Council for the implementation of the Borough Wide Landlord Licensing Scheme

What has changed since in order for Haringey Council to introduce Landlord Licensing?

The consultation period for the Borough Wide Licensing Scheme finished on 5th March 2018.

With regards to the Borough Wide Licensing Scheme, Haringey Council is yet to provide answers to the following difficult questions below

1.       Under what legislation and/or Statutory Instrument are these proposals to be effected?

 2.       Why is it thought that these proposals are necessary or will be effective to combat any mischief perceived?

 3.       Why should there be a charge for each room in a house?

 4.       Why not one charge per house if the scheme does reach approval?

 5.       What steps should be taken before this scheme can be approved?

 6.       What opportunities will the Haringey Landlords Association have to put our case against the scheme?

 7.       Haringey Council is yet to disclose of all of the disclosable information and material obtained from the consultation.

 8.       Haringey Landlords Association desire the disclosure of all disclosable information and material in their possession with regards to any schemes presently in operation in the Borough.

Please HELP sign this petition so that Haringey Council can reconsiders its decision to implement a Borough Wide Landlord Licensing Scheme

Thank you.

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