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Save UK's only Latin Village: Pueblito Paisa in Seven Sisters Indoor Market @ Wards Corner

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We have the UK's second largest concentration of Latin American businesses in Tottenham. We have a Latin Village right on the entrance of Seven Sisters Underground station. A unique treasure in a national landscape that is being homogenised by corporate interests and not local communities.

Many of our children from multicultural backgrounds rely on Seven Sisters Market/Pueblito Paisa to enjoy a sense of a village community, especially in an absence of youth centres across the country.

Seven Sisters Market / Pueblito Paisa already attracts visitors from around the world because of its originality in character. Another glass fronted soulless mall would not necessarily attract tourists as there are many such buildings littered throughout the country. And yes a distinct attraction is what creates appeal. I for instance travel 80 kilometres to visit this unique attraction. However, travelling 80 km to visit boots would seem illogical.

We traders not only trade for our livelihoods, but provide a sense of belonging, to the local migrant community. In an area once cited as having the most ethnically diverse postcode in the UK and Western Europe. In an area that has experienced two riots in one generation.

As well as being a Mecca for Latin American tourists from all over the world this is a very important community hub for many people, not to mention the added value this registered community asset and over 60 independent traders bring in terms of tourism. We celebrate diversity! Being detrimental in an area that has experienced a race riot in 1985 and where the 2011 UK riots started.

The proposal to move Pueblito Paisa & Wards Corner means it is not regarded as equally important as the other cultural facilities in Haringey. It shows that multicultural traders are being marginalised and it proves that Haringey strategy is elitist and not serving local people. Also, it raises concerns about how valued the 2nd largest UK Latin Community is to Haringey Council. Many young people gain a sense of belonging here, it is a social meeting place as well as a place for culture. It is a rare and unique business village within a increasingly atomised national landscape. Support our approved community plan to restore not demolish the historical Edwardian Wards Corner listed building & Pueblito Paisa, the authentic gateway into Tottenham's historical corridor. Lets save it from falling victim to the clone town syndrome and preserve our diverse & historical Tottenham identity. Mirca Morera Director of Social Enterprise Latin Corner UK