Allow Harford County Public School Students to Participate in the Walkout- April 20, 2018

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 Dear Barbara Canavan,

     Our convictions are more than merely raw emotions; they are beliefs that we are willing to uphold in the face of adversity and potential punishment. Many of us carry the belief, after far too many of our peers have been stripped away of lives full of potential as a result of gun violence, that we are not safe in what is supposed to be, only second to the home, the safest place for a child to be: school. Since we are not even safe in school, as citizens of the nation with the highest amount of deadly school massacres, it is our duty to step out of the school and out of our comfort zones to let our leaders know that we demand sensible legislature to prevent these attacks.

     While it is understood that the primary duty of the faculty and staff as our supervisors is to keep us safe, let us not overlook their primary duty as our educators. Teachers and administrators possess the critical role of educating and inspiring generations of the future leaders of this world, and thus yield a great responsibility as some of the most influential people in our lives. The curriculum that includes inspiring us to pursue our passions and encouraging us to fight for what we believe in rivals, if not prevails over, the curriculum found in the syllabus. It is an injustice in itself to not only discourage, but to discipline, those who have the courage to accomplish what is at the core of our education.

     Therefore, we respectfully ask that HCPS students be granted permission to participate in the National School Walkout on April 20, 2018, without punishment.


Harford County Public School students