Additional Recess Needed at Hardy Oak!!

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This petition was created simply to show the school our support for adding additional recess for our kids.

There is ONE thing that’s almost Guaranteed to make you child do better in school: More Recess!

Benefits of Recess:

·      Students are less fidgety, more focused during class  & improved Memory

·      Students listen more attentively, follow direction better & try to solve problems on their own

·      Fewer discipline issues

·      Improved Physical Fitness with exercise helps Childhood Obesity – More Recess is Recommended by the Academic of Pediatrics

·      Outlet for energy

·      Fresh Air & Vitamin D

·      Teaches social skills & communication (how to get along with others)

·      Learn to resolve conflicts, help teach morals & learn to play fair

·      Playing with Peers gives children positive feelings of self worth

·      Reduces Stress & Anxiety

·      Improves Self-Esteem & Self-Worth

·      Allows kids who need that necessary break

·      Stanford Study showed less bullying and less conflicts among students

·      Opportunity to develop imagination and critical thinking skills

·      Time to rest their brains – the more kids sit the less they learn

·      Children who are more active at school are more likely to be physically active at home

·      Overall increased performance in academics & Test Scores!

 Typical 15-20 minute recess isn’t enough!  The kids really never get a chance to play.  They get outside; find their peers… that takes time.  They start putting their feelers out to find peers who to play with.  Finally they decide on whom to play with, the process takes a good 15- 20 minutes. Guess what?  RINGGGG Their time is up!!

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