Free Housing For Displaced Harding University Students in Cathcart

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This is a petition for Harding University to grant free Housing to all students displaced by the 2020 renovation to Cathcart Hall. The added stress and time-consuming effort they have to do to move will distract from studies. The costs outweigh the benefits of many students leaving Cathcart which is not satisfied by the $175 compensation applied to the Business Office account in Spring 2020.

By making these Freshmen move without adequate warning while taking exams and completing assignments before finals, they are jeopardizing student's grades as well as being a major inconvenience. Many Freshmen are moving for only the second time in their life, the first time moving into college. Without proper knowledge on how to pack, they have to put in more time and effort which takes away from what energy should be expended on courses. If the only cause of the move out is the renovation, they should have known earlier and sent out information with proper warning. However, students have only two and a half weeks to complete moveout before finals, which many students have never taken before. 

In addition to the renovation, Cathcart had a mold problem that was unattended to for three months. The student, who will remain nameless, had asked for help to deal with the mold, was ignored and forced to stay in her room where she later had allergic reactions to it. By not properly getting rid of it, Harding University was putting everyone at risk for both allergic reactions and illnesses that come with living with mold.

Letting their students live with dangerous mold and not giving proper warning when forcing all of them to leave are some of the main reasons Harding University should grant free housing to all the students moving out of Cathcart.