Change for Harding's Student Handbook


Change for Harding's Student Handbook

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Haley Roth started this petition to Harding University Deans

Out of respect for the leaders and decision makers for this University, I have decided to cease taking signatures for the petition. This is my decision and mine alone. The last thing I want to do is appear disrespectful or create any negativity toward the school.

I love Harding. I came to this University undeclared knowing that no matter what route I went with my career, I would receive a Christ-centered education and be surrounded by peers that put the Lord first in their lives. I never want the values of the University to change because that is what makes Harding unique. 

My original goal was to achieve 1,000 signatures. I am overwhelmed and thankful that so many affirm my perspectives! I am incredibly thankful for the support the student body, alumni and parents have shown over the past two days.

My plan now is to relay my information and share my data with the University officials in the coming days. I am extremely hopeful that in the future Harding students all will experience and enjoy Harding under a revised, clear, concise, grace-filled student handbook.





The first responsibility of leadership is to ruthlessly assess reality. The reality is culture, technology and societal changes are constantly evolving. Harding University has always been a place of growth and change. Women used to be required to wear dresses to class. Men were not permitted to have facial hair. Curfews for men and women used to be at different times. The examples of Harding’s evolving are too numerous to mention.

We, the students, desire Harding’s leadership to provide a wholesome Christ-centered environment bathed in scripture. We also prayerfully and respectfully ask the current leadership to revise and update the student handbook to reflect the modern day realities while endorsing and telling the redemptive story of Jesus Christ through its policies.

Some suggestions include but are not limited to:


  • Clear and consistent overnight housing standards that incorporate adult supervision statements/instruction.
  • Abolish the no dancing policy. There is only one thing worse than a bad policy, a policy you don’t enforce.
  • Separately stated behavior policies for International Programs/Study Abroad, Mission Trips, University related travel.
  • Dress code—updated to permit appropriate style and length shorts to class and chapel.
  • The abolishment of the zero tolerance/suspension concept regarding non-character related infractions. The implementation of a 1 Strike policy regarding judgement related infractions like alcohol, housing and sexual temptation.
  • The creation and expansion of alternative type accountability system that is inclusive and endorses proper behavior as opposed to being exiled from the Harding community, examples include community service or dangers of substance abuse/alcohol related educational opportunities online or in person. Increase the usage of fines and probation as opposed to suspension.
  • Change the practice of Student Life using anonymous notes or letters to punish any student. These notes have no credibility if they are not signed and only increases the possibility someone is being vindictive or malicious. Utilizing anonymity prevents the accused from biblically being addressed. (Matthew 18 and Galatians 6:1)

As part of the student body we pray for great change in the student handbook in the school year 2019-2020.


We, the undersigned, agree with this petition and request a desire for the changes mentioned above.




Fully admit to breaking one or more of the University's current student handbook policies such as....


Dancing; including any formals, semis, or square dancing in Heber.

Study abroad students staying in the same hostel as the opposite sex.

Stepping foot in a bar.

Any consumption of alcohol, including taking communion while studying abroad at HUF. 

Staying at your significant other's home, even if parents are present, without permission from the University. 

Wearing clothing that looks tattered or worn.



This petition made change with 1,763 supporters!

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