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End the proposal to combine schools.

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Hardin County Board of Education Members,

In light of the recent proposal for Lincoln Trail, Cecilia Valley, West Hardin, and East Hardin, we are requesting the termination of this proposal. And a possible motion to remove board members and a review of Teresa Morgan's position as superintendent. After attending the recent board meeting, it is obvious Teresa Morgan doesn't care about our students, parents, and community. We are also calling a cease to the proposal to combine Lincoln Trail with East Hardin, and Cecilia Valley with West Hardin. This proposal is not putting our children first. It is putting money before the social, and physical well being of our children. We did not sign up to include our children in a social experiment when we enrolled our children. That is what this proposal is at best. Howevalley elementary has had to do without for years. Their roof has been leaking for years. They still have window units, and boiler heat. Their foundation has been sinking for years. So when we hear school board members state that this proposal will help other schools get much needed repairs, its laughable. Our budget only allows so much, we think its time for those other schools to wait their turn just as Howevalley and Lincoln Trail has done. This school is beloved in our community. Sadly, we needed a new school. We have been promised a new school for at least 15 years. Now the work is nearly completed, and this proposal is thrown in as a after thought. The school was not designed to house middle school students. That means that in addition to sharing the cafeteria, media center, and buses, they will also share the restrooms with younger children. As parents, that is absurd. We would like to keep our younger children innocent for as long as we can. Safety is also a issue. While our teachers are wonderful, students cannot be supervised 100% of the time. This proposal is also stealing the "rite of passage" from our middle school children. They do not want to be attending school with elementary school children. They look forward to "growing up," and transitioning to a "big" school. Transportation is another issue. Having older students on the buses with younger students is not safe. To claim otherwise is just ignorant, and blatantly obvious. Teachers know there are issues now on some of the buses that do that now. Their concerns have been ignored. The parents, and community has been ignored as well. With this proposal it is clear what is important to some members of the board, and Teresa Morgan. That is MONEY. We as parents do not want anyone making decisions about our children that believes that comes first. We as parents know that in Novemeber of 2018 some of you will be up for re-election. Please, show us you want to put our children first! We hope that our goal is the same as yours. End this proposal. Go back to the proverbial "drawing board" for another solution. We need a superintendent and board members that cares for our children above all else. 

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