Make Sanitary Napkins Mandatory in Medical Kits for all Airlines in India #padsonboard

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Lets have #PadsonBoard for all so that people सफर and not Suffer

#padsonboard works literally!!! And I can't keep calm. On my flight back to Kolkata few days back I asked the #vistara crew for a sanitary pad. The crew immediately arranged one for me and they were such cool to ask me twice during the flight if I was comfortable. This journey was empowering indeed. I can't stop thanking team #vistara and #carmesi for this incredible move and providing biodegradable sanitary pads on board. So many women (menstruating) can travel with confidence now without caring to tug in the last piece of sanitary pad in their bags. More power to such period friendly places when women are even flying high literally. I started this campaign called #padsonboard last August with a hope to make sanitary pads available in every leading airlines in India. And Thank you for all your support. On the Eve of Women's Day this March Vistara started providing sanitary pads to the passengers on request and named their campaign #padsonboard. I was so glad that day. So proud Vistaara that you lead the way and only serve chocolates with luxury but pads with necessity. Also Carmesi 's wrapper wrote 'It matters. Period'. Such an empowering way to start the month of May. In photo a super cool crew staff. Today is 28th May, The International Menstrual Hygiene Day. For the next few months I would try my level best to reach out to other airlines through my campaign and make #padsonboard for all so menstruators only सफर and not suffer! #periodfriendlyplaces #menstruationmatters In photograph yours truly and an awesome crew who gave me the permission to post the photo :) 

Srilekha Chakraborty
3 years ago