Make Sanitary Napkins Mandatory in Medical Kits for all Airlines in India #padsonboard

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Me: Do you keep sanitary napkins in the flight?

Crew: We don’t have a provision to keep, but if you want I can check if I have one with me.

 Me being a frequent flyer, a Tuesday morning discussion with the crew in the middle of a flight made me think a lot about how we perceive emergencies on flight. It made me think, what if I don’t remember to carry a sanitary napkin with me and I bleed despite on board?

Over the last few days I messaged a lot of my friends taking frequent flights to ask for sanitary pads on board to the crew and in every odd hour the answers have been:

 ‘Let me check if we have.’

 ‘You can use mine.’

 ‘We keep at times, but it gets run out of stock.’

 ‘Thank you for the suggestion, we will share it with our support team’.

 ‘Sorry for the inconvenience, we will look into the possibilities of adding a few to our inventory.’

 Sanitary napkins have not been a mandatory check as per company’s policies or provisions while stacking necessary items for the flight. Thanks to the GST Council, Sanitary pads are not luxury, they are necessity and bleeding or not is not my choice. Sign my petition to make sanitary napkins mandatory in the medical kits for all leading airlines in India.

 Being a frequent flyer shifting from one workplace to another I have always been a last minute packer and have rushed to airports. Honestly dates of my periods are the last thing that’s there in my head while working or planning other important things.  When I started talking about this to other friends, I found a lot of them are the same as me and have had that anxiety when unsure with dates.

Everyday there are hundreds of women who commute via airlines across India, and every woman is different with the issues they deal with. A lot of them have PCOD (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), delayed periods, irregular periods with birth control measures, prolonged periods and unknown dates after deliveries. It’s not always and every time that people remember to carry an extra sanitary napkin.

When the airline companies work so hard to make the experiences of the flight unforgettable why don’t they add little bit into it by making sanitary pads mandatory in the medical kit. Sign my petition to make sanitary napkins mandatory in the medical kits for all leading airlines in India and take a step forward to period friendly aircrafts.  

 The sanitary pads that are with the crews are not cost to the company or under company’s mandate. A lot of woman I spoke to over the time shared that they have missed tucking in the last pad in their purse while travelling and have been anxious on their travel. On other instances I have seen women suggesting their daughters and sisters to make it mandatory to carry a pad with them every time they are flying.

Menstruation doesn’t concern only women but is a public health matter. It isn’t only her responsibility to carry pad every time rather let’s shift the view and have more accessible and period friendly places. Let’s have #padsonboard and put wings to our girls in true terms!!

 If earplugs are kept on flight, and basic medicines are mandatory. Why not Sanitary napkins? Sign my petition to make sanitary napkins mandatory in the medical kits for all leading airlines in India so that the next time a passenger asks for a sanitary napkin on board, the answer is ‘Yes, with pleasure.’