Introduce Rent regulations & regulate real estate agents

Introduce Rent regulations & regulate real estate agents

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Elara Mehta started this petition to Hardeep Singh Puri and

India is changing daily and no longer do people live in one city their entire  life .

According to the State of World Population report, more than half of the world’s population lives in urban areas, and the number is steadily growing every year.

Growing migration has increased the demand for rental accommodation. This has also lead to  rise of unscrupulous real estate agents who have no registration, no quality control and no legal status . Their impact to housing is an unchecked rise of monthly rents and commissions.

This benefits the owners and agents but a tenant is gravely exploited and unnecessary rules set by housing societies which literally take away the human rights and freedom of choice and expression of a tenant .

The houses also have no quality check nor any guidelines for basic inclusions to qualify for rent . I have personally seen houses with termite infestations, broken tiles and faucets  and even mold which has serious health impact . But owners & agents demand ₹20,000 for such dwellings.

USA and other developed nations have  rent regulation and quality control on the housings which are listed along with responsibility for the landlord to ensure basic amenities like clean housing , repair work completed , replacing rotted wood or leaking pipelines and faucets along with providing basic cabinets in kitchens and bedrooms .

My petition is to bring landlords & real estate agents under regulation to provide for quality housing with basic amenities( that should not be treated as if a luxury , who thinks kitchen cabinets are a luxury and how should one tenant keep their house items ?). 

We also need a independent tenants association to protect their rights against inhuman treatment by societies and restrictions on human rights that is protected by the constitution of India . The changing times means people need rent regulation, quality housing , stop discrimination based on food habits , marital status or any other issue that moral police take offence to but are not legally a crime .


1) lease agreements be increased to 3-4 years with a cap on the 2% increase in rent per annum. 

2) rent regulation and each area to have the same amount of rent instead of right now which differs from agent to agent and landlord to landlord . The exception is a fully furnished house ( definition of fully furnished is beyond the kitchen cabinet and wardrobes. the owner has sofas,beds,gas stove , refrigerator , washing machine and water purifier ).

3) association of tenants protected by a government authorised body to handle any discrimination and human rights violations or indiscriminate termination of lease by owner without a valid good  reason and without providing 3 months notice to tenant .

4) regulate real estate agents , they should be licensed and their license needs renewals every 2 years subject to zero complaints against them for unscrupulous activities 

5) quality control of houses on rent and basic amenities include clean houses, with no broken fixtures, kitchen cabinets and wardrobe in bedrooms . These should not come at additional cost as basic quality of living demands it .tenants cannot be expected to pay or setup kitchen cabinets in every house they live in since this is immovable. Ofcourse tenant has the duty to maintain these in the condition given by the owner (natural wearing occurs and that can be fixed )

6) landlords to ensure house cleaning after a tenant vacated and ensure the toilets or  repairing, repainting  is completed before listing.

7) true picture listings of property on MagicBricks or online portals and not the artists impression or architect vision on paper . Nor using foreign homes for attracting clients. Complaint system for any incorrect listing is a must and is missing . Exact Location and exact housing complex details should be mandatory for accuracy and transparency.

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