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The capital, grants, and donations, from government, foundations, corporations, and individuals will be used first to incorporate with the Commonwealth. Assuming we file for tax exempt status according to the IRS: “In general, an organization must file its exemption application within 27 months from the end of the month in which it was formed.  If it does so, it may be recognized as exempt back to the date of formation.” So, your donation from our formation day and up to 27 months may be tax deductible assuming we receive our tax-exempt status from the IRS.

Capital will be to fund planned capacity utilization study of MacMillan Pier, feasibility study, engineering, equipment, installation, maintenance, operating expense including at least one US Sailing Level 1 Instructor, insurance, annual fund raising, etc. It will be used to fund the initial legal filings and [if needed] legal work related to warrant(s) to revise the Harbor Plan, Harbor Regulations, and the MacMillan Pier Chapter 91 license. It may be needed for a warrant to end the Pier Corporation and or go to Superior Court to fight adverse decisions of Provincetown. We have evidence that we believe a judge or jury would use to reverse the decision in favor of Sailing For All Provincetown.

All citizens, business owners, property owners in Provincetown, the region, worldwide are asked to join us. Though the petition support and donations are sought from all parties with an interest from Cape Cod to Greece.


Do you think Provincetown's harbor is underutilized? Do you, your family, your friends, aspire to Learn Sailing Right in an achievement oriented Corinthian style level playing field, excelling and competing in a one design racing sailboat, as part of an educational, sporting, charitable non-profit, community shared resource, with Access to All (adults), including young adults, families, seniors, veterans, mobility challenged, special needs, and the capable disabled? The proposed model has successfully driven local economies in sailing venues worldwide! It facilitates sailing for locals, visitors and regattas and through more seasons, even frost biting (weather permitting)!

This "perpetual petition and fund raising” campaign is to present the public's voice (your voice, from P-town, the Outer Cape, from anywhere) to the Provincetown Harbor Committee and Select Board to support allocating space (mostly shared space), with appropriate and adequate waterway access, to install a 3T hoist (shared for a fee with the fishery and community at large) and accessory to launch sailboats, plus a small fenced parking area for a 4 dry sailed shared community boats (when not in use, boats are on their trailer, mast up, rigged, nearby the hoist or able to be rolled forward from the parking lot). The member run, fee based, operating model has been proven worldwide under the best practices of venues serving US Sailing, country sailing, all connected by World Sailing (formerly ISAF). Boat parking in the central town parking lot [an alternative if not on the pier] requires creativity, infrastructure modification, and cooperation but it appears feasible.

Sailing For All Provincetown is for the spunky do it yourself sports people of high integrity, that want to excel at sailing and in all phases of life. The model is an easier, healthier, and more affordable way to access the waterway and get more sailing, with less time and difficulty (for some, with special needs, accessing Provincetown has become impossible, dealing with distant moorings, launches, etc.). Dry sailing eliminates all that and toxic bottom paint; it keeps boats clean on a level plane, controls costs, and allows everyone to truly participate.

The model includes sailors of varying abilities and disabilities aspiring to learn, sail, and race. It puts safety first, then fun and continuous improvement. The plan intends to have at least one US Sailing Level 1 instructor to start. It provides most everyone an opportunity to participate in a sport considered one of the greatest things one can do. It is for everyone!

This is the model you will find from Marblehead to Annapolis, Newport to Miami, San Diego to Hong Kong. It is the standard at leading yacht clubs, frugal boat clubs, and charitable non-profit community sailing programs. The leading adult education plan does not exist in the 400 year-old sailing community of Provincetown!

Because space is gifted (provided as a community resource below market rates) and resources are shared, it is more affordable, more educational, and more inclusive. The proposed model is subsidized by the town and donors, as well as being a fee based and member run. As an educational sporting facility in the US, it is almost always a charitable non-profit. In the end, it is the most trusted and best setting in which to learn and safely enjoy boating and the waters. What's more, a hoist and dry sailing model facilitates extending the sailing seasons and makes the town attractive as a destination for regattas in the buffer months or simply allows for sailing anytime the weather permits. Merchants can expect a boost to the local economy from this model.

As part of the approved recommendation to allocate space, the 5-year Harbor Plan would be amended to support Sailing For All Provincetown. Sailing For All Provincetown had four locations in mind. The US Sailing Association Director of Training and Education toured Provincetown; for safety reasons he recommended a small space allocation at the end of the T on MacMillan Pier (there are unused resources on MacMillan, this plan is possible; We will be seeking a court order, if necessary, for a town paid, impartial, independent, capacity and utilization study of MacMillan Pier, the ultimate proof if there is space to do this.

Sailing For All Provincetown is asking for funds from the Provincetown Harbor Access Gift Fund for the independent capacity and utilization study of MacMillan Pier and engineering feasibility study. Additional funds are sought from foundations, corporations, and individuals for equipment and accessory, installation, a small fleet of suitable community shared one design race boats (to be dry sail parked in proximity to the hoist or the central parking lot) and adaptive equipment for the disabled, maintenance, operating expense, and a reserve. The program resources can be used by the membership for a subsidized seasonal membership and per use fees. Also, in accordance with US Sailing’s recommendations for an educational and sporting program, Sailing For All Provincetown will have at least one US Sailing Level One Instructor, qualifying the program for a special insurance that covers everything and everyone including the town and borrowed boats for coaching and race administration.   

By comparison a membership and use of Sail Newport's fleet of boats is $100 flat for a family ($25 for seniors) per season plus a nominal usage fee. Donor sized memberships are available and encouraged. It is not uncommon for reduced individual membership to be confidentially provided on a need assessed basis. Also to dry sail, park a boat on its trailer and use a hoist at Sail Newport, is around $1000 per season. In another private Cape Cod venue use of the hoist by nonmembers is $100 total for in and out. By comparison, the pubic is not getting a fair shake in Provincetown.

This plan does NOT compete with The West End Racing Club (youth facility up to age 14) or the Provincetown Yacht Club. Rather this plan can complement them.

Also, according to the Chief of the DEP waterways regulatory program Sailing For All Provincetown would be an approved use under the MacMillan Pier CH 91 license. The harbormaster and harbor committee orchestrated what we believe was a trick for the Pier Corporation to vote no space for Sailing For All Provincetown just days before Harbor Committee presented the new Harbor Plan to the Select Board saying Sailing For All Provincetown has no logistics (no space) and therefore it was not included in the 5-year harbor plan. We have evidence that supports our position that the vote was based on erroneous information.


Provincetown Public Pier Corporation voted no space for Sailing For All Provincetown. If necessary, it will be shown its decision was arbitrary and capricious. It may be proven Provincetown discriminated in several ways to benefit the interests of private services (boating businesses of harbor committee board members, a local crane operator, mooring field operators, etc.), all businesses that can't serve the needs of Sailing For All Provincetown.  There is other evidence being reserved for any required action.


Sailing For All Provincetown will soon be accepting donations. The first $1000 has been pledged. For all activity, the goal is $300,000. The capital, grants and donations, are sought from the Provincetown Harbor Access Gift Fund, other government entities, foundations, corporations, and individuals. The funds will be used first to incorporate with the Commonwealth and apply for tax exempt status with IRS. When the entity is formed your donation may be tax deductible for up to 27 months back to the time of formation. Additionally, capital from the Harbor Access Gift Fund may be to fund a court requested impartial independent capacity and utilization study of MacMillan Pier (given the evidence we have it is believed the court may require the town to pay) and an engineering feasibility study. Other donor funds will be for equipment, installation, maintenance, operating expense, insurance, US Sailing instructor, annual fund raising, etc. If needed it will be used to fund the legal work for warrant(s) to revise the 5-year Harbor Plan and if needed Harbor Regulations, and the MacMillan Pier Chapter 91 license. It may be used for the legal work to dismantle the Provincetown Public Pier Corporation and or go to Superior Court for an injunction and order for Provincetown to pay for an impartial independent capacity and utilization study of MacMillan Pier. No matter where it plays out, we have good reason, good evidence that will justify our actions. 


NOW YOUR VOICE AND DONATION IS NEEDED MORE THAN EVER! This petition is the public's opportunity to say to The Harbor Committee and Select Board you want the Sailing For All Provincetown model and to FUND our next steps. If you agree, join the over 1000 people that have already signed the petitions (various forms) by signing and donating. Donate method will be added shortly.

If you have any questions you can message us through this platform.

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