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Public Outcry Demanding Maximum Sentence to run Consecutively for Brieana E. Farmer

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Dear Judge William H. "Bill" Filmore & Judge W. Stanley Garner, Jr. in the case(s) of the State of Alabama v. Brieana E. Farmer:

I am the Founder of the Happy Heart Foundation a national organization that works tirelessly to prevent child abuse and neglect among many other efforts to ensure children are safe and happy. I became aware of the case of Kodah Ellenburg in January, 2016 immediately when he died. My interest in this case is Kodah. Your honor(s), when I think of all the ways that Kodah was failed I am heartbroken along with thousands of others. Many tears have been shed by people from all over for a little boy that we have never held in our arms, Kodah is special and worthy in the hearts of many. Kodah's life was cut short. He was an infant taken from those who loved him but taken from being something in this world. He could've been anything he wanted. He could have become a doctor, a mechanic, a lawyer, an inventor, a businessman or even a Judge. Kodah cannot be any of those things in death. He would have turned 2 years old in April of this year. He only lived 9 months, not even long enough to take a step on his own in this big world. I value Kodah's life so deeply. The public is absolutely outraged at how a mother could so callously take the life of her child. Most of us knew Brie before Kodah died, and she spoke coldly of him while alive and she speaks coldly of him in now, unless to manipulate people into thinking she was a good mom. 

My organization and supporters of Kodah's Facebook page for justice, "Kodah's Justice" respectfully request that Brieana Elaine Farmer on all charges be sentenced to the maximum time of imprisonment allowed by law to run consecutively if found guilty by the jury on all counts in the indictment. Brieana is a threat to society, having abused her animals, making a living selling drugs and then finally, with an obvious lack of remorse killing her child whether an intentional act or sheer neglect, he is DEAD because of her choices. Does she deserve freedom? I do not believe so. Her social media and actions after the death of her son to the present day do not reflect the actions of a grieving and remorseful mother, or that of a mother facing a long time in prison! Popular opinion would say, she simply does not care and lacks empathy for her son. Kodah deserves justice for the negligent actions that cost him being a man someday. Kodah paid a price and unwillingly gave his life. He gave up all hopes of walking, saying cute little phrases, learning  and meeting new friends. Kodah can't dress up and pretend to be Superman, he will never color on the walls or spill his milk, he will never get to jump in muddy puddles, dance or admire his favorite character. For that, Brieana should pay with much of her life, there is no price that will bring him back but it will and should be hefty to protect society and to make up for as many years lost for Kodah as possible. We, (Kodah's Justice & the Happy Heart Foundation) feel Brieana is a direct threat to society, to any new children she may have, to pets she may acquire and to children she may come in close contact with.

 Please consider Kodah first and foremost. He was beautiful, he had big blue eyes and in them was love, he was delightful, curious, when he smiled it could warm you, he was light and his light was shining. He is innocence and love and everything that we are lacking in society today. Brieana Farmer put out a little light with an absolute disregard for her son's welfare, a reasonable mother would know that her actions could be fatal and she proceeded in action and that directly caused Kodah's untimely death. For that, she deserves the maximum at sentencing WHEN the jury returns a guilty verdict. Your honors: PLEASE sentence Ms. Farmer to the MAXIMUM for baby KODAH. Let the people of Dale County know this is UNACCEPTABLE & INTOLERABLE, let the State of Alabama know this is INSUFFERABLE and send the message nationally that harm done to children will NEVER be tolerated. Only then, will the high rate of child abuse related crimes and deaths be ENDANGERED!!!


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